Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Feeling Your Aura

By David Donahoo

Perceiving the aura can be done through feelings or
sight.  There is a very simply exercise that enables you to feel your
aura, since your aura is made up of energy. Begin this exercise by
rubbing your hands together very quickly.  Continue to rub them for
about two minutes.  You will find that they begin to get very warm, and
the arms may get a little sore.

Next bend the elbows and have
your hands about 50 cm or 1.5 ft apart.  Slowly bring your hands
together.  AS you do see if you begin to feel as if there is a pressure
building up between the hands that makes it slightly harder to move

As you move the hands out and in slowly you can feel
that pressure change in intensity.  What you are feeling is your aura
field.  It is usually layers one and two.  If you had any difficulty
with this exercise, then repeat it a few times a day until you begin to
feel the pressure.

As you become more aware of your aura, you can
then move onto feeling another person's aura.  To do this put your
hands out in front with the palms facing the person whose aura you want
to feel.  Make sure the person knows what you are doing and has agreed
to have you sense their aura.  The as you move your hands towards their
aura, have the person imagine hey have an energy field around them and
make it expand outwards.

Move your hands towards and away from
the person and see if you are able to feel or sense their aura.  Again,
this can take practice.  Then more you practice the better you will get
with sensing the aura.

David Donahoo
Dip. Clinical Hypnotherapy, Master Practitioner NLP, AI, Speaker

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