Saturday, April 25, 2009

How to Use the Ouija Board Properly

By Christopher Crowley

Are you anxious to start communicating with the
spirit world? You are not alone. People have been captivated by talking
boards since the late eighteen hundreds. It is important to note here
that many people over the years believe talking boards to be dangerous.
These people claim the use of the board opens the user up to forces
beyond their control, such as demonic possession. I do not personally
believe this to be so, but I take no responsibility from your use of
the information contained in this article.

Traditionally the
board sits on the laps of two parties stationed across from one
another. Each party places the tips of the fingers lightly upon the
planchette and asks questions. If you are struggling at this point, try
taking a break and do some breathing exercises to help clear your mind.
At this point, the Ouija Board should begin displaying letters in the
viewfinder of the planchette. It is a good idea to take notes with a
pen and paper after each question. It helps you remain focused and it
is sometimes fun to go back and look over the information gained from
your session. The answers to the questions you ask can be in a number
of forms. Yes or no answers are very common, but the board is also
capable of displaying numbers and spelling out words. Go slowly as not
to confuse the answers you receive. If the Ouija board becomes erratic
or seems to not be functioning properly, try to focus it by returning
the planchette to the center and moving it in small circular patterns.
If this does not solve the problem, perhaps it would be best to end the
session and try again later.

Traditionally the Ouija Board is for
two players, but it is also used for solitary endeavors. Sitting with
the board squarely in your lap place the finger tips of both hands
lightly on each side of the planchette and proceed as in the
traditional example. This is actually my preferred method of use as I
have more control of the session and much less distraction. I also
escape having to wonder if my session partner is being honest with
board movement.

Used properly the Ouija Board can provide hours
of entertainment for a very minimal cost. Do not make the board
something it is not, by believing all the superstitions you hear. If
however, you find yourself feeling intimidated during a session, my
recommendation would be to end for the day and try again another time.
Do not use the board when you are in a bad mindset. If you ever find
you no longer, want to dabble with the board, either give it to someone
who would enjoy it, or throw it away.

number of online Ouija boards are available on the internet. However,
obviously not for the serious seeker, they can be a good source of
entertainment. One such board exists at The Paranormal Point You can also discuss this and similar topics in their discussion forums.

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