Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Think I Saw a Ghost, What Could it Have Been?

By Anthony M Cox

There are many possible explanations for seeing a
'Ghost'. Fraudulent claims aside, let's look at some examples of what
this can be.

Commonly, a Ghost sighting can be a result of one's imagination while intoxicated or influenced by seeing a scary movie etc.

a step further, apparitions can often be a product of your
subconscious. The subconscious mind is extremely powerful and supplies
the conscious mind with all of the information used to make decisions
(the function of the conscious mind). Why would the subconscious make
you think you see a 'ghost'? Well, another major function of the
subconscious is to protect us. It does this mostly by developing
'programs' (much like a computer program) to deal with situations it
has deemed dangerous or detrimental to us based on previous experience.
A very simple and unfortunately common example is with obese people who
in my experience to date (and that of all of the Mental Health
Professionals I have discussed this with so far...) were all sexually
abused as a child. Their subconscious has attributed the unwanted
attention to being 'attractive', and the simplest way it perceives to
make them 'unattractive' and therefore 'safe', is to become extremely
overweight. Right or wrong, this is how the subconscious mind works. So
until these poor souls are able to release the hidden pain and trauma
of the abuse and the 'program', no amount of desire/dieting/exercise,
will get the weight off.

With the above example understood, you
can perhaps understand that the subconscious is very powerful at
controlling a persons perceptions of things. So let's say you are about
to do something extremely dangerous and your subconscious is throwing
all sorts of warnings at you and you are ignoring them. It is entirely
conceivable that in a given situation, it could produce an image to
'scare' you into a different course of action to remove you from the

Going beyond that, there ARE apparitions that are not
imagination, and not the subconscious, but are of Paranormal origin and
are very real. To determine whether they are genuine or not is the
subject for investigation. These can be loosely grouped into visual
apparitions, those in photographs, and those seen in ones 'minds eye'.
Beyond that there also different types, which is perhaps a subject for
another time.

While this has been a brief overview, I hope it has shed some light on a very misunderstood subject.

is an Internationally Renowned Expert in Spirit Entity Removal, a
respected authority in the fields of the Paranormal, Remote and in
person Healing, Psychic abilities, Human Subconscious, Religion and
Cults, and other related areas. He has traveled around the World
clearing the energies of people and areas, at times at the request of
Religious Organisations when they were not able to resolve issues via
their own means. Anthony has also been contracted by Big Business to
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