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Is There a Difference Between a Psychic and a Medium?

By Litz Butcher

I have attended many lectures, seminars, workshops,
residential courses and the like and feel very strongly that the
intrinsic difference between a psychic and a medium is not given nearly
as much weight as it should be.

Psychic Ability

Psychic ability IS
inherent within all of us, whether it is accepted within this 21st
Century life or not, it is there. It is a natural ability that now is,
sadly, a latent one. Mediumistic capabilities however, are not so
readily to hand.

If any of the following have happened to you, then you can safely say you have had a psychic experience:

  1. The phone rings and you 'know' who it is before answering it;
  2. Someone comes to mind that you have not seen or heard of for a while, following this they phone or visit you unexpectedly;
  3. You have a prophetic dream;
  4. You
    meet someone for the first time and sense that either they are not a
    pleasant person or that they are not in the mood which they are
  5. You can sense a situation before it has happened (this can be both nice and not so nice things.)
  6. You frequently have 'gut' feelings, then ignore them to find they are proved right?

above are a small percentage of indicators to an active psychic sense.
If they are happening with a regularity then your development is trying
to progress.

If you are not interested in taking it further then
just be confident in the knowledge that you can always trust your
intuition, your gut reaction, and it will never let you down.

the other hand if you would like to make progression with it but are
unsure how to continue, a useful thing to do would be get a group of
friends together, perhaps people that you don't know so well. Offer to
read Angel cards, playing cards or the Tarot if that is your
inclination. You will be surprised what comes out at these New Age
'Tupperware' parties. People love a free reading and remember what ever
comes out should be confidential unless the recipient wishes otherwise.
It is always best to try and 'read' for someone on a 1-2-1 basis when
you first begin developing this ability, otherwise things can get
confusing as many energies together are difficult for the beginner to

Alternatively, you could set up a home circle and work
together to strengthen your abilities, work with colours, crystals, in
fact anything. Psychometry is my favourite by far. Take a piece of
jewellery from a friend and talk them through their life - you will be
surprised at what you didn't know that you 'knew.'

If there are
reputable classes in your area then join one, there are many
institutions offering psychic development at a hefty price and I feel
that much of the ground work can be done without expense. Go to the
library and read as much as you can, it will broaden your mind on the
subject and comfort you to know that others have these random
experiences too.


I think a good marker is this saying 'Every medium is psychic but not every psychic is a medium.' If Spirit want you to work for them your mediumistic abilities usually make themselves known quite blatantly. You WILL here voices and see faces, shadows and glimpses of things that turn out not to be there - HOWEVER
if those faces or voices tell you to do something to someone or
yourself that is violent, unkind or unpleasant in anyway then it is NOT, I REPEAT NOT a true link to Spirit.

Spirit in its purest form will NEVER, NEVER tell you, ask you or request that you hurt yourself or anyone else for ANY reason. It is advisable to seek professional, medical help if this is happening to you.

Spirit can blow hot and cold when your development begins. One minute
you will feel so on track and positive about the strengthening of your
abilities and the next you cannot make communication with the person
you live with never mind about someone who has passed to Spirit.

can develop as a result of a life-changing event, an illness (not
necessarily yours), or can be naturally inherent within you. I do not
believe that any one starting point is better than another. In many
respects if it is something that has been with you all of your life you
can tend to develop bad habits with it, a bit like a relative teaching
you to drive instead of having proper instruction prior to your test.

The dichotomy of mediumship is this, it is not quite as easy not to be a medium as it is not to
be a psychic. Believe it or not it is a destiny and whilst you may
never use it professionally or in a capacity to help others, Spirit
will be very persistent in pushing you to develop your gift further if
they think you are a good candidate. I have lost count of the number of
jobs/careers I have embarked upon in the quest NOT to be a medium and
all have drawn to a dead end (pardon the pun), I had huge 'issues' with
charging money for my natural gift and 'read' for others for about 18
years before taking payment. The gift is not given to you to keep to
yourself, nor to perform party tricks with, it is given to you to pass
on communication from those in spirit to those still living. However,
Spirit also know that you have to earn a living - if you think of it as
charging for your time and not your ability then you will not go far
wrong. Again, as with psychic development, there are lots of people
itching to take your hard earned cash in the name of teaching you.
Steer well clear of those and visit your local Spiritualist church, sit
through a few Divine services, and if you like what you see speak with
the President who can advise you how to take your development further.
One final word though, there is as much bitching and scratching within
the world of Spirituality as there is in every day life. I made the
mistake of thinking that people would be floating around the church,
aided by their wings and constantly adjusting their halos - this is not
the case. Spiritualists are still humans and are still affected by
jealously and normal human conditions of character - be warned!

am a Clairvoyant Medium and have strong beliefs in Spiritualism as a
philosophy and a science. I use my natural abilities to tune into
Spirit and pass messages on to those bereaved. I am based in Surrey,
U.K. and can offer 1-2-1 sittings, a telephone reading or postal.
Please visit my website at to see which suits you best and to read a little more about me.

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