Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Numerology Made Easy

By Jan Jabowski

What is numerology? Well, it's a tool to help you to
learn about yourself. In reality, very few people do know themselves.
Regardless of whether they are married or single, they spend all their
time with other people, or if alone, watching TV or reading a
book...anything to avoid having to think about themselves...thinking
about what makes them tick.

In many cases this ignorance of self
doesn't really matter. When people have "successful" lives, it may not
be necessary to look below the surface. But if things consistently
don't work out smoothly in a person's life, numerology can be used as a
tool to figure out why.

What are the dominant traits that a
person has. What are the other traits, the weaknesses, the tendencies?
With the use of numerology, all of this can be discovered. "Good"
traits can be isolated and improved upon, "bad" traits can be improved.
For example, a person might have a tendency to procrastinate, or feel
anxious. Knowing this, is the first step to fixing the problem.

how do your figure out life numerology stuff? Well, you need to figure
out your "vibratory" number, as some experts call it. This is your
birthdate, reduced down to a single number from 1 to 9. Since all
numbers have meanings, and each number has certain tendencies or traits
associated with it, you can use this vibratory number to find out all
about yourself.

How to reduce down your birthdate? Say you were
born on July 1, 1996. That's 7+1+1+9+9+ 6. Add those numbers together
and you get 33. Add those numbers together, and you get 6. That is thus
your vibratory number.

Then, you simply look up the number 6 in
your numerology reference work. There are several of these guides on
the web, or of course you can purchase a print book which will also
detail the significance of each number.

Want to know more about life numerology?
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