Thursday, April 23, 2009

Mastering Astral Projection to Feel Free

By Trevor Johnson

Mastering astral projection may sound like it is
totally out of reach but that is not the case at all. In fact, it is
much easier than you may be thinking. You simply have to know exactly
what you are doing. You also need to know you want to do this.

example, if you have ever felt constrained by your society's ideas,
ideals, and limitations, then astral projection may be able to help
you. If you have ever needed to simply get away from everything, then
it could help you as well. All that is stopping you is your own
preconceived notions and limitations.

In these cases and any
number of others, astral projection - where your consciousness actually
leaves your body - may be able to help. To master astral projection,
you first need to know when to try. Nighttime should be avoided. There
is a high risk of simply going to slip.

You cannot be afraid
either. Many people fear that they will die or that, somehow, their
life chord will be cut. Some people even fear possession. Do not be
afraid of these things. Fear will just hold you back.

You cannot
doubt yourself either. Employing an inner monologue about whether or
not your are doing something right is simply going to distract you. You
are actually setting yourself up to fail here. You need to narrow down
your thoughts to a single point - and then you need to listen. Listen
to your body, your mind, your heart, et cetera.

You also have to
understand the difference between relaxing your body and falling
asleep. Furthermore, astral projection is not possible with your eyes
open. Many people fear falling asleep, so they try to do this! All you
really need to do is sit there and meditate: eyes closed, body relaxed,
thoughts focused on a single point.

You also have to be patient.
When you first get started, astral projection does not come easy. It
takes practice and faith. Impatience is, again, going to defeat you at
the onset.

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