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Missing Time - UFO Alien Abductions

By James Hewson

Missing time is a contentious occurrence told by some
individuals in junction with close encounters amid UFOs and alien
abduction phenomena. The expression "missing time" concerns a void in
conscious recollection recounting a precise period in time. The void
can last from a number of minutes to a couple of days in length. The
recollection of what took place during the missing time is frequently
recovered by way of hypnosis or in the course of dreaming.

time is contentious in that aside from skepticism in UFO events, it is
closely aligned to other disputed matters such as regained memories and
hypnotic suggestion. Meaning that the recollection of the occurrence,
actual or imagined, is so disturbing that the mind suppresses it. Time
can additionally be lost without a actual abduction. There have been
several cases of persons who testify that they have experienced missing
time just by being in the close proximity of a UFO craft. This
phenomenon could potentially be defined through physics given
Einstein's theory of relativity recounts that time is relative, and
that time travels slower in the company of a gravitational field. It
has been shown in many UFO sightings that UFO crafts may possess a
strong gravitational field and may possibly make time manipulation
conceivable for close observers.

Missing time is regularly stated
as a manifestation of a multiple personality disorder. An event similar
to missing time can take place while hearing binaural noises intended
to cause altered states of awareness.

One of the most infamous
cases of missing time comes from Betty and Barney Hill whom was an
American married couple who ascended to cult status after they alleged
to have been abducted by aliens on over two days on September 19th and
20th 1961.

The couple's tale, frequently dubbed the Hill
Abduction, and sometimes the Zeta Reticuli Event, was that they were
casualties of an alleged UFO kidnap or more commonly known as an alien
abduction. This was the first public account of an of alien abduction,
which was subsequently converted into the best selling 1966 publication
called the The Interrupted Journey. At nightfall on September 19th,
1961, the couple were driving back to Portsmouth from a holiday in
upstate New York, including stop over's at Ontario, and Quebec. South
of Groveton, New Hampshire, they are said to have watched a bright spot
of light in the air. At first, they thought that they were watching a
shooting star, only it ascended and halted approaching the gibbous
moon. Betty, whose sister had disclosed to her about encountering a
flying saucer sighting a number of years previously, observed the
entity by way of binoculars as it travelled across the surface of the
moon emitting multicoloured lights.

Close to the location of
Indian Head, the enormous craft quickly plummeted toward the Hills' car
leading to Barney to halt right away in the middle of the highway. The
craft allegedly descended to roughly 70 to 100 feet above the vehicle
and filled the whole field of the windscreen through which Betty was
watching. Employing the binoculars, Barney alleged to have viewed eight
to eleven alien figures who were gazing out of the UFO's openings,
seeming to watch them. The one outstanding figure continued to appear
to look at Barney and imparted a message to him to "stay where you are
and keep looking."

Missing time

November 25th, 1961 saw the couple interviewed at length by NICAP representatives, C.D. Jackson and Robert E. Hohman.

studied a previous report on the incident, Jackson and Hohman asked
many questions for the Hills. One of their principal queries was about
the length of the trip. Neither Webb nor the Hills had noticed that,
though the drive should have taken around 4 hours, they did not emerge
at their residence until 7 hours following their departure. When Hohman
and Jackson informed this disparity to the Hills, the pair were
astonished, having no explanation for the missing 3 hours. The report
documented that, despite all their attempts the Hills could not recall
anything of the 35 mile stretch between Indian Head and Ashland.

is just one documented case of missing time which defies explanation,
and it is surprising how many cases of this strange phenomenon have
been recorded. Whether what individuals are experiencing is indeed
connected to alien spacecrafts or a psychological experience continues
to evade rational explanation.

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