Thursday, April 23, 2009

Moon Astrology - To Feed the Moon Or Not to Feed the Moon As Related to Moon Astrology

By J Michael Brown

"To be, or not to be? That is the question... To die; to sleep no more..."

-Shakespeare; Hamlet Act III, Scene 1

Astrology experts wrestle with an interesting dilemma, and that is
whether or no to feed the moon. People less experienced in astrology
have no idea what "food for the moon" could possibly be, because it is
an inorganic satellite of Earth for crying out loud. I will look at
opinions offered by mystics of astrology concerning it; and relate the
concept to lunar influence in this commentary.

I was initially
puzzled, as a matter of fact; when one of the mystics of astrology made
a bold statement, written in all capital letters, to be sure to be sure
to feed the moon. However, the article was painfully deficient of any
type of explanation as to what it was or what it meant to do it. So I
checked the Web for Moon Astrology and lunar influence; and I found
some fascinating information.

This commentary will explore the
meaning of the term "feed the moon" in order to discover exactly what
it is to feed the moon; and what type of food for the moon you need to
have, in order to feed it in the first place.

Some mystics of
astrology, and of Moon Astrology in particular, recommend that you feed
the moon with symbolic "food" though your daily activities and
according to your astrology aspects; and to talk to your inner-self,
which is referred to as your lunar self. Others astrology experts
recommend that it should be treated like an animal in a zoo; and that
you should never feed it during your lifetime.

The moon is a
symbol in Moon Astrology that relates to a functional feeling for the
feminine principal that exists inside of everybody, regardless of
gender. Every aspect of your personal lunar cycle affects a variety of
symbolical things, including your astrology sun sign. It plays an
essential part of astrological information when building an astrology
chart; and it is included in your house and is in your aspects (your
"aspect" is the key to interpreting your astrology chart).

astronomers and poets have an authentic interest in the moon, it is
more than a bright satellite in Moon Astrology. Influence of the moon
in astrology is more than just generating tides, or a romantic
illumination in the heavens. It can wield a significant influence on
psychological, emotional, and even the mechanical conditions of mankind.

Not to Feed the Moon

that relate to full moon lunacy, which is portrayed by the mythological
werewolf, may not be far from the truth. Certain lunar phases have the
probability to produce and stimulate reactivity in emotionally
demanding situations, in addition to creating a heightened sensitivity
in susceptible individuals.

Full moon lunacy is extraordinarily
intriguing as a practical subject in Moon Astrology, since the cyclical
lunar pattern can be factored into astrology signs and symbols. The
full moon can be experienced by anyone who has eyes with which to see.
Astrologists use knowledge of lunar cycles to bypass stumbling blocks
that are, more often than not, exacerbated by a fog of ignorance.

variety of sources, which are meant for and can be understood by people
experienced in astrology, have detailed the human spirit as "food" when
you feed the moon. You may arrive at a similar albeit a more extensive
conclusion, which could be construed in the context of the moon as a
patterned control system.

Feed the Moon

The Russian
spiritual teacher Peter D. Ouspensky, who contributed to Twentieth
century ideas and anticipated several key questions in psychology,
religion and philosophy; had a much more compelling explanation as to
how organic life feeds the inorganic moon.

Ouspensky explained
that when you die your physical container returns to the earth and
becomes dust; but the essence of your soul--the astral and ethereal
energies--are sloughed off by your evacuating spirit and float toward
the moon.

Your spiritual energies are then deposit on the moon,
which results in its progression in the universe toward becoming an
actual planet. Therefore, humans feed the moon after they die, so that
it will grow and one day become a living planet; or they detract from
its progression in the universe by succumbing to its compelling
influence while they are still alive.

Within the context of the
explanation given by Ouspensky, you need to develop within yourself a
driving force that can be a resistance to the external lunar influence
at any particular time in your Moon Astrology chart: in this way you
will be able to break free of the strong lunar influence.

simply means; that in order for you to free yourself from any reactive
behavior or perfunctory movement, you need to develop a sense of
self-recognition. By doing so; your spiritual awareness, your mind and
your deliberate choices will reign supreme over the external impulses
and emotions that might be provoked by the influence of the moon with
an unconscious reaction. As such, you will be able to stop trying to
feed the moon while you are alive, and then be able to pay your proper
dues upon your demise.

It acts as an enormous electromagnet that
pulls upon organic life, which is on earth; and it swallows the souls
of dying creatures. The moon is a nascent satellite mystically
receiving its nutrition from organic life on earth via regions of space
beyond the earth's atmosphere by a mystical umbilical cord.

flows through an astral channel between Earth and the moon. The moon
can drive mankind's autonomic characteristics like a symbolical
pendulum, which moves gears in an enormous grandfather clock. The
comparable level of your effectiveness as a human being determines the
magnitude of force, which it takes for the moon and the stars to
influence your activities; and it could greatly influence your behavior
if you are apathetic about your spiritual existence.

People who
are incompetent in their spiritual development, and go through life
without noble impulses, are swayed to and fro just like the tide ebbs
and flow because of the propulsive nature of it. The equation is
equalized by the moon as a driving force of mechanical movements, on
the incompetence side; with those who overcome its influence by
conditioning their minds to think pure and divine thoughts, on the
ethical side.

"To be, or not to be?"

'tis nobler to be pulled to and fro by the influence of the moon and
the stars; or to develop your heart, mind and soul: to resist the force
of the unknown universe, to develop your own strength through power of
your will, to be a force in the known universe with whom to be
reckoned; and to become a fully spiritual being?

question that you must answer and be held accountable for is, "Do you
want to be apathetic about your existence, go through life like a
puppet on a string, and allow the stars and lunar influence to dictate
your existence like it does that of a werewolf; or do you want to be
proactive, increase your willpower, and build your self spiritually
through the intensification of your mind?".

Will you detract from
the moons' chance for its progression in the universe while you are
alive by succumbing to its magnetic influence; or will you feed the
moon upon judgment day by allowing your strong willpower and
spiritually divine thoughts be food for the moon as a result of actions
that you took while you were still alive?

According to Ouspensky,
you need to strengthen your mind for the event of leaving your worldly
container and, therefore, feed the moon upon your demise. You need to
improve your relationships too. Your relationships need to flourish so
you can go to the astral plain with the satisfaction that you have
improved the chances for the moon to develop into a new planet.

are probably wondering if there is a way to increase your willpower;
and to become better able to control your thoughts so you can feed the
moon after you are called to glory. There is. I found an easy way to do
it too, with an Aristotle Ethics' formula for self-improvement. It will
allow you to build self-confidence and develop self-esteem and so you
will naturally start being considerate of others.

You can use the
methods while you are in your underwear and reclining in an armchair;
or even while you are relaxing in the comfort of a bed. They work for
me; and I will use them until the day that I am called to feed the
moon. I personally experienced very hard times socially, economically
and in all other aspects of living, before I discovered a secret
formula to help me strengthen my mind.

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