Saturday, April 25, 2009

Myths of Astrology!

By Hari Krishna

According to Wikipedia Astrology is defined as a
group of systems, traditions, and beliefs which hold that the relative
positions of celestial bodies and related details can provide useful
information about personality, human affairs, and other terrestrial

The answer for question why astrology works or how it
works is unknown. But definitely astrology works. A lot of people try
to know their future from expert astrologists. On special occasions
also people try to know their astrological aspects. Like for example
before contesting an election or on the occasion of marriage people
like to know their future in advance.

Some people check their
love compatibility with the help of astrologist before the marriage.
Some astrologists focus on spiritual astrology which takes us to a new
level of astrology. In mundane astrology, one area to examine for an
explanation of underlying astrological influences is conjunction cycles
of the outer planets since these conjunctions are representative of
larger trends in society.

According to Astrology the planets represent like the one below -

Sun represents you, your ego, your identity, individuality, will power,
vitality, leadership, creativity, authority, the masculine principle,
the father. It relates to Leo and the 5th house.

The Moon
represents your emotions, habits, memories, subconscious, the nurturing
impulse, the feminine principle, the mother. It relates to Cancer and
the 4th house.

Mercury represents the mind, concrete mental
faculties, thought, speech, communication, perception, intelligence,
reasoning ability, mobility, and adaptability. It relates to Gemini and
the 3rd house.

Venus represents harmony, love, pleasure, beauty,
art, social affairs and graces, relationships, financial manners. It
relates to Libra and the 2nd house.

Mars represents action based
on desire, constructive and destructive actions, assertiveness,
aggression, anger, executive authority. It relates to Aries and the 1st

Jupiter represents abstract and creative faculties,
expansiveness, the higher mind, wisdom, optimism, faith, religion,
philosophy, benevolence, generosity, hypocrisy, arrogance, double
standards, lack of discipline. It relates to Sagittarius and the 9th

Saturn represents concentration, crystallization,
organization, caution, pessimism, responsibility, perseverance,
stability, discipline, morality, standards, limitation, tradition,
obstacles. It relates to Capricorn and the 10th house.

represents the impulse for freedom and individuality, originality,
ingenuity, intuition, independence, inventiveness, eccentricity, sudden
and unexpected disruptions. It relates to Aquarius and the 11th house.

represents inspiration, illumination, refinement, mystical tendencies,
idealism, compassion, escapism, illusion, confusion, delusion. It
relates to Pisces and the 12th house.

Pluto represents
regeneration, transformation, renewal, destruction, manipulation,
denial, coercion, power struggles, control issues, annihilation. It
relates to Scorpio and the 8th house.

If you want to know the
mystic visions of your spiritual astrology you need to consult a
spiritual astrologer. You will get ideal advice from him. This can cool
down your mind and body.

Spiritual astrology answer questions
about your present platform of existence and its movements like a
pendulum toward outer and inner self. It lets you know the karmic
treasure. You are born with and how you are going to spend it. So it is
time to know your spiritual astrology and time to step out from the
world of dark to the world of light.

Hari Krishna is an expert writer on Indian Astrology, Vedic astrology, Indian Astrology Online, environmental astrology etc.

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