Sunday, April 12, 2009

Psychic Vampires - What Are They?

By Allison Mac

Historically a psychic vampire has been a creature
that lurks in the dark or shows up in ones dreams and drains them of
their life force, leaving them listless and ill. Folklore and
literature is full of occurrences of these energy suckers. What
significance do they have in today's world though?

Some would say
that the 'past' psychic vampires were simply a way of describing what
today would have been diagnosed as leukemia, chronic fatigue syndrome,
or iron deficiency. Without words in the past to describe these
illnesses, people assumed they must be caused by something 'evil' like
a creature that prospers by draining the life force from one's body.

presently there are many people who describe themselves as psychic
vampires and try to help, teach and educate us about them. They would
be described as a person who is unable to generate or store their own
energy and therefore needs to obtain it from outside sources. A psychic
attack then takes place where the vampire receives another persons life
force and the victim experiences a great loss in vitality.  Many people
who suck out other peoples strength in order to feel stronger
themselves are not even aware of what they are doing consciously.

These are some traits of a psychic vampire:

  • Low vitality
  • Needs constant reassurance
  • Never feels satisfied
  • Craves nurturing
  • Feels abandoned or rejected

types of people create experiences of havoc for their victims, often
unknowingly so that they can feed on their spirit and feel better
themselves. We are not however incapable of protecting ourselves from a
life draining energy attack. The best way to protect oneself is to put
up a shield around ourselves. A psychic drainer simply uses what little
pep they have to feed on our life-force. We must put up a shield to
block their negativity. Every day put up a white light shield of
protection around yourself and you will not be susceptible to negative
thoughtforms or waves.

We have all had the experience of someone
zapping our vitality. A psychic vampire is simply a term used to
describe such a person who does this. We all have energy that we can
work with whether we put it to good use or to bad use. Use your own
spirit to shield yourself and you'll be amazed at how much more
energized you feel.

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