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Questions and Answers With a Professional Exorcist

By Anthony M Cox

Q. How do I know if a spirit / entity is around me?

There are no hard and fast rules, but there are certainly some common
traits relative to different kinds of entities. Some examples of
symptoms are: hearing negative voices and/or experiencing constant
negative images in your mind, a lot of 'bad luck', a sudden
deterioration in a relationship for no apparent reason, a sudden
obsession ( with anything - a hobby, a habit, a certain country or
culture, cleanliness, sex, etc. ), sudden downturn in health, a sudden
fixation with a certain person, obsessive counting of everything, being
woken up at night for no apparent reason, sudden and disproportionate
aggression, moodiness, sulking, absent mindedness, lethargy,
personality changes, extreme emotion of any kind but particularly of a
negative nature, lots of bad dreams, unsubstantiated fear or hatred of
a certain person, and so on....

This is of course not to say that all of these things are an entity.

there are the physical manifestations be it in a photograph, objects
moving, electrical appliances turning on and off, seeing of
apparitions, hearing 'voices' or odd sounds, being physically
'touched', being held frozen to your bed, and so on....

It is
also important to acknowledge you own intuition. If you are feeling
that there may be something around you then you are likely correct, it
is much more common that you may wish to believe. Only a small
percentage of people who have sought my help have had problems that had
nothing at all to do with an entity or some form of psychic attack.

Someone told me that if I burn sage / put crosses up everywhere / chant
holy Mary ( God, Buddha, Master 'so and so' etc.), all entities will

A. I wish it were that easy, but it is not. While certain
physical items can have a slight affect on some entities ( and on
people ) if they have been prepared in a certain way, the effect on
entities is marginal. The same goes for 'Holy words' and chanting. If
an entity leaves, it is because it's annoyed. It CAN, and usually DOES
come back. In the case of psychic attack, these sort of 'games' have
little or no affect at all. A lot of people make a living out of
selling 'protection' in the form of objects, this is simply a scam to
take your money.

Q. How will I know if the spirit / entity has gone?

Improvements and changes would be proportionate and relative to the
original degree of influence / infection. In some cases, particularly
severe ones, there have been incredible instant changes. Many people
wake up the next day feeling much 'better' and 'different'. Other
people notice things over the following days and weeks. Often other
people will make comments about a change. Sometimes people just 'know'.
Often it is a combination of all these.

Q. Can they come back? I`m scared I`ll just make it angry and get worse...

This is a very valid question. I have been called to help many people
who have already had some 'expert' help them to no avail, and sometimes
with terrible results. Entities that I remove ABSOLUTELY DO NOT come
back. I have done this with thousands of entities of all sorts and it
has NEVER happened. 'Asking them to go' or 'showing them the way' as
most claim to do does NOT guarantee that it has gone. I take them and
PUT them into the place where they should be, guaranteeing the same
entity can not come back and bother you.

Q. How common are spirit / entity attachments?

Unfortunately far to common. It has amazed me right from the start how
busy I am. In one way you can liken an entity attachment to catching a
cold, infection is largely luck of the draw, and being in the wrong
place at the wrong time. But certainly putting oneself at risk will
largely increase the chance of infection ( or re-infection ). All
clients are given a comprehensive list of risk factors and measures to
take ( without becoming paranoid or obsessive ) to greatly reduce the
possibility of 're-infection'.

Q. Can a spirit / entity / psychic attack make you sick?

Absolutely yes. As a matter of fact, it is the one definite effect (
although it can be extremely subtle). It is interfering with your
energy much like electrical interference can mess with your TV picture.
The more severe the level of interference proportionate to your own
energy, the worse the affect / symptoms. This can range from feeling
lethargic and tired for no reason, to absentmindedness, and severe
illness of the body and/or mind.

This is certainly NOT to say
that all sickness is cause by 'heebie jeebies'. But I have seen
improvements in people across the entire spectrum of physical ailments
( see examples in TESTIMONIALS ). *note - Doctors will say that many
mental illnesses are caused by an imbalance of brain chemicals and not
'entities' etc. When asked what causes the chemical imbalances the
answer is always the same - " we don't know "...

And they WILL make worse any condition you already have.

How long does it take to remove a spirit / entity / psychic attack
because I read on one website that it can take days or weeks? What if
there are lots of them?

A. IF the work is done properly, it only
takes minutes. Anyone who takes longer than that is ( if doing anything
at all..) simply 'annoying' the entity until it leaves ( IF it does )
Also, anyone who just 'reasons' with the spirit is doing nothing that
YOU cannot do yourself, there is no special method or 'power' needed to
do that.

Q. Do you destroy the spirit / entity?

A. NO! All
work is done with complete compassion. They are simply put in the
highest place, where they are dealt with in the appropriate manner.
Some people claim to completely 'destroy' all negative entities, this
is grandstanding and NOT possible. A lost soul or spirit is simply put
into the place it should have passed over to when it died but did not.
Nothing can be completely destroyed, only it's physical or energy form
changed. What this means is, in the case of a dark entity, if it is a
lost soul that has become or been made 'bad', it is completely
'drycleaned' with ALL negative energy removed. It is then put back into
the soul pool in a pure form. If the dark entity is one that has been
'constructed' out of negative energy, it's current form is 'destroyed',
with the energy being changed to a positive one.

Q. My pastor /
priest / guru / rabbi / group leader... said that we are impervious to
evil as long as we stay in the church / group / etc.

A. No, that
is misleading and either naive or dishonest on their part. As a matter
of fact, such groups are generally beacons to the darker entities.

Q. What sort of people are at the highest risk?

While some people are certainly more desirable 'targets' depending on
the entity's agenda, and a persons 'social lifestyle' or place of
employment can obviously be in an area of high risk, generally speaking
there is no discrimination and anyone can be affected. Part of any
consultation and service involves education and risk reduction.

Q. What is psychic attack?

Psychic attack is basically any form of attack directed energetically.
While this does include that from spirits /entities, it is generally
used to describe that which is done by human beings. This is also
something that is unfortunately not uncommon at all.

The degree
of affect is proportionate to many things, however it is important to
understand the nature of how it works. If you can understand that
everything around us is energy and therefore, can conduct energy, then
you can see that it is quite possible to send not only healing energy
to someone, but destructive energy as well.

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Ian Stone - Founder Metaphysical Institute said...

One of the few articles I have read that spells out most truths about Spiritual Beings or Entities and their removal.

Anthony is correct when he says most people do not know how to permanently remove and send Spiritual Entities to the Spirit World, most just move them on or send them to another dimension where they can and most often will return to you.

We also always Heal the Spirit Being before returning it back to the Spirit World as this is important for their Soul. In fact many Spirit Beings are now coming directly to us asking for release, which we perform.

If you are being often bothered or contacted by many Spiritual Beings we can now offer a service where we can give you the ability to Heal and Release them to the Spirit World for yourself.

With Love for I Love You
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