Friday, April 10, 2009

Secrets of Numerology: Meanings Revealed

by Jan Jabowski

Numerology is a fascinating practice that has proven to vast number of people that it is highly accurate. It's so accurate that many people even call it a science because of its mind boggling ability to predict events and give readings of yourself and others around you. Numbers are the most important aspect of numerology. Meanings of them can differ from numerologist to numerologist but the essence of the number remains the same. Here I've compiled a simple list for reference and to interpret numbers that you find within yourself and the relationships around you.

First off 0 is typically viewed as void and formless, a very mysterious number. Number 1 is often associated with leadership and creativity; individuals with this number usually have a knack for teaching and are quite persuasive. Number 2 is viewed as patient and understanding, they often make good companions. 3's are typically outgoing and love to be the center of attention, they usually known as the life of the party. Number 4's are usually viewed as stable and hard working; they generally get what they want not by chance but through perseverance. 5's are often associated with being exciting and always looking for change, these people usually enjoy traveling and find it hard to be in the same place for too long. 6's are viewed as extremely caring and often take their marriage and relationships as a very important responsibility. Number 7's are often viewed as reclusive and usually have a highly developed philosophical side of them. 8's usually are fascinated with money and power; they typically get involved in business or government. Finally, 9's are considered to be generous and compassionate; they often get involved in charities and mission work.

As I said above this is only a rough outline of the key aspect of numerology. Meanings can differ greatly from person to person so I would suggest consulting a site like if you'd like to delve deeper into this fascinating world.

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