Sunday, April 12, 2009

UFO Abduction - Three American Women

By John Michael White

On January 6th 1976, around 11.30pm, three American
women, namely Mona Stafford, Louise Smith, and Elaine Thomas, were
traveling by car towards Liberty Kentucky. Suddenly they see an
enormous object, lit with multiple lights, descending from the sky. At
first they decided that it was an aircraft in trouble, but soon discard
that idea when their car becomes uncontrollable and is floating, after
being caught in a beam of bluish light. While panicking the women were
overwhelmed by an excruciating headache and then become unconscious.

they recover their senses, their car is 10 - 12 kilometers further on
from their original spot, and 1.5 hours have elapsed, and they have no
memory of what has just taken place. After reaching Louise Smith's
house they find red marks on their necks around 10 centimeters long and
3 centimeters wide. Wow that's strange. All three were suffering from
inflamed tearful eyes. The worst affected was Mona Stafford, she had to
consult an eye specialist for acute conjunctivitis. During the
following weeks Louise lost 14 kilograms of weight and Mona lost 8

As fragments of strange memories came back to them
they decided to visit a psychologist, and their stories confirmed one
another partially. They explained that the aliens were the size of 10
year old children with slanted eyes, elongated fingers with grayish
skin, and their faces were partially hidden by a type of visor
revealing an unnerving gaze. The three women also recalled they were
all separated and were in a cave like enclosure that was suffocatingly

Here they would be subjected to a terrifying medical
examination. Their arms were pinned down to tables, and a hot sticky
liquid poured all over their entire bodies. Then the aliens would try
to twist their arms and legs, probably testing to see how strong the
human body was before breaking point. No wonder Mona suffered acute
conjunctivitis, they had taken her eyes from her sockets examined them
then put them back.

Mona, Louise and Elaine never knew how they returned to their car.

name is John White and l find pleasure in writing articles and hope
that in some way they are helpful and useful and that you enjoy taking
the time to read them.

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