Thursday, April 9, 2009

UFO History - Tales of the Castaways - Utsuro Bune

By James Hewson

The Iwase Bunko Depository library has in its
ownership a record known as the Hyouryuukishuu translated to the 'Tales
of Castaways'. The document was printed during the late Edo period
which modern fans of the paranormal understand this vessel to be the
'Edo-period UFO'.

The evidence recorded tells the tales of
Japanese mariners who find themselves in unfamiliar nations after
becoming lost in the ocean, as well as castaway visitors washed
shorewards on the seashores of Japan. To the Japanese public, who
during this period had existed living in a extended time of national
seclusion, these unusual stories must have appeared extremely

Together with these tales is the report of a damaged
ship with a extremely mystifying form. According to the record, this
large craft washed shorewards at Harashagahama. The specifications of
the craft, specified as 3 meters tall by 5 meters in width, had been
built from red sandalwood and metal and was equipped with openings of
glass or crystal.

The mystifying characters of an unfamiliar
writing system were discovered etched inside the craft. Aboard the
wandering vessel was a delicately decorated young lady with pale face
and red eyebrows and locks. She was assessed to be amid Eighteen and
Twenty years of age. Considering that she uttered an unfamiliar
language, those that chanced upon her were incapable of determining
from where she came.

In her arms, she grasped a basic timber case
that looked to be of great importance to her, as she would permit
nobody to approach it. The highly detailed pictures, drawings and text
are an important part of UFO history and even today generate further
interest considering the clarity and definition of the material.

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