Thursday, April 23, 2009

You Can Have a Lucid Dream

By T. X Baxter

Tonight, when you go to sleep you can have a lucid
dream. Many people have lucid dreams and people use them for a variety
of purposes. There are many commonalities among the reasons people want
to have a lucid dream; there are even more differences however, as this
ability is highly personal. What you need to do is have some assistance
and this can take many forms.

To have a lucid dream you can try
and use a guided meditation of sorts but this is not successful for
most people. I have a lucid dream nearly every night; as a matter of
fact, I can control my dreams and choose to reenter them at will. I
have always been able to do this however, and I didn't need much help
to explore it further and you won't either. There is no secret to help
you have a lucid dream, only a little information and help is needed
(of course sleep is needed too!).

I recommend finding a solid
binaural recording that is designed to bring you to the brim of sleep
stages and then dip you back down into lighter stages, so you are aware
you're dreaming. That is how you have a lucid dream in a nut shell and,
as you can see, it isn't that difficult. Continue practicing because,
like all abilities, if you don't use it you'll lose it! (Brainwaves
Entertainment has binaural recordings).

Another option you have
is to practice past life regression first; although arguably more
difficult to master, it too relies on dream and sleeping cycles for
effectiveness, so it works the same areas if you will (binaural
recordings must be specific to each aspect; one for regression and one
for lucid dreaming). Follow the instructions as they pertain to volume,
using earphones and when to listen to the recordings.

T.X Baxter
believes you can succeed beyond your wildest dreams, have more money
than you'd know what to do with, and live the life you want, any time
you want. The key is binaural beats. Learn about past regression and more when you check out TheUnexplainedWorldReviewed.Com for more info!

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