Monday, May 4, 2009

The Ethics of Love Spells

By Jeffry Palmer

There are ethical issues to consider with the casting
of love spells. Anyone thinking about using a love spell to break up a
relationship, manipulate the emotions of another person or otherwise
control romantic energies should think twice about using magic for
these purposes. Not only are these notions wrong in the simplest sense
but they will most likely result in having very undesirable effects.

love spells to control or dominate another human being is unethical, it
can also have seriously negative effects on the spell caster. The
negative energies created by an attempt to bend the natural paths of
universal forces will return to the caster, often with damaging
results. There is a law in Witchcraft called the Law of Threefold
Return. This says that whatever power you send out, eventually comes
back to you, three times more powerful than what was sent. The energy
that you put out into the universe will return to you, manifesting
energy of control and domination will result in a backlash of
unpredictable results. Any spell which seeks to control another person
invalidates the basic rules, values and of energy love.

spells can be used in a positive way to help enhance self-esteem and
confidence. For example, if a person has low self-confidence, love
spells can be used to enhance that person's self-esteem so that he or
she can have a better chance of meeting the right person. Charms and
rituals which usually accompany a love spell can provide a
psychological boost to self confidence. Another example of using love
spells in a positive way is spells that help one discover the love of
one's life or soul mate based on certain characteristics, or to
increase one's own personal appeal.

It is important to remember
to focus the energy of any love spell on yourself. Do not attempt to
turn or bind the affections of another by means of spell craft. By
focusing on yourself you draw upon internal energies to manifest a
desired outcome, you become more alluring, more confident, and more
attractive to potential love interests. In this way you are not
manipulating or controlling another person, merely using your powers to
strengthen the material within yourself that is already present.

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