Tuesday, June 2, 2009

9 Star Ki Astrology Secrets

There are many different styles of oriental astrology, one of them being the 9-Ki Star Astrology. It sheds light on the different ways people communicate in. It recognizes nine personality types in its system, and realizes that each person expresses his/her elemental energy and how they react to others through free love checks.

The 9-Ki Star is also known as 9-House astrology. It has been refined, simplified and streamlined by the Japanese in recent years. It is a very practical, simple and flexible system that relates primarily to who you are, your potential, your destiny and your relationship with others through free checks.

The expression ‘KI’ in Japanese has the same meaning as the Chinese chi 9-Ki Star Astrology originated in China and evolved from another system of astrology – the 9-House system. Like many other aspects of Japanese culture, it was probably brought to Japan by travelling monks.

Each star is represented by the agricultural imagery. There are phases within the cycle that represent dormancy, spring, growth, harvesting etc. Knowing where one is within this cycle of change is vital in planning a successful journey toward your dream. It provides free love checks to determine where you stand in your relationship with others.

The third component of this astrology is of the most auspicious direction. This calculation can help us to establish a pattern for us or direction for our journey that helps you work with the tide rather than against it.
Knowing which star rules your constitutional make-up, within the nine-year cycles that 9-Ki Star Astrology uses, can give you a fascinating insight into who you are and what your potential is. Knowing ‘where’ your unique star is as it rotates through the cycle reveals your latent for creativity and change at any given time within the nine years.

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