Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Alien Presence - Are They Real?

By Angelica Downe

I have been interested in UFOs and aliens since my
father told us he saw several unidentified objects that looked like 
flying saucers during the 1950's. I was merely a child but the image
that I formed in my mind has lasted to this date. The idea was farther
enhanced and became more vivid when my smaller sister and husband,
years later, saw a UFO flying by watched it passing by as they stepped
out of their cars, as did all the other excited drivers.

aliens, whoever they are, have been always portrayed  as more
intelligent, with greater capabilities and better technology than us;
yet they don't disclose themselves and  instead  decide to visit us
hiding in the shadows of the night. I wonder about this. Are they not
capable of showing up in daylight? ? Are they afraid from us even with
the superior advantages that they posses? Are they as physical as we
are or do they come from another dimension and can only make a break
into ours during the night?

When they make contact, they paralyze
us. That means they they have power over us that we cannot neutralize;
there is no respect and no request for consent.  At the same time, it
is obvious that they want something from us. Something so valuable for
them that they have to paralyze us and make us forget. If we are to
believe the countless stories and trends, they abduct humans by the
thousands. And they come once and again for the same people, always
making them forget to the extent that regression is the only way to
recover the memories of the abductions, buried sometimes since

Lost time, nightmares, abductions, strange dreams and
markings on the skin... that is extreme harassment. They abduct people
from all over the world. For what? They mutilate cows, dogs and cats.
For what? They put implants in humans, impregnate human females and
extract semen from the men. For what? They are not interested in our
natural resources or our perceived "riches" or the simple military
weapons that we possess. I don't think any of these has any relevance
to them. Is earth a big laboratory?  Are we guinea pigs for these
aliens? Do they believe that they own us? How many of the so called
missing boys, girls and adults have been abducted by aliens never to be

It is very strange that everything is done during the
night, when most of us are asleep, when we can be easily tricked into
thinking we are having a nightmare, when we are mentally at a
disadvantage. When men and women are abducted, they fall in a coma-like
state, unable to move but conscious of most everything that is done to
them.  They sometimes travel through walls, float to alien crafts, see
hybrid children, talk telepathically with them, and can be terrorized
to death by their appearance and procedures. Sometimes men in uniforms
are seen alongside the aliens. Where on earth do they come from? Is
there a treaty between humans and aliens?

After over sixty years
of this world wide spread syndrome, nothing is clear and everything is
further confounded with every year that passes by. Nothing is gained in
knowledge about the situation, we seem unable to control the
visitations, apparitions and effects on the physical and psychological
health of the citizens subjected to this harassment. What is more, I
think that many dreams, the so called sleep paralysis, is a symptom of
alien abduction. If this is true, it means that the percentage of the
population that has been abducted is higher than believed.  When they
abduct, do they  remove and replace, extract only,  only replace, only
modify? What do they do with our bodies? Or do they work also with our
minds? Are they really undergoing a project of hybridization as some
abductees think? I  don't think they want anything material from us and
I don't know what is the agenda.

We have grown accustomed to 
them now, the statement is clear from all sources: They are here. If
the alien presence is not a major mass manipulation  for financial gain
--imagine all the books, movies and TV specials that have been made
about them-- we all know by now that they are out there; still, they
don't show their faces. I envision several races with different agendas
about us. If some of them have made contact with different countries,
we know the next battles will not be determined by us, the humans. We
will be in the middle of a battle --or maybe we already are--that is
going to be beyond our comprehension, for they will be fought in realms
we know nothing about. The realm of the invisible.

During sleep,
some people experience a sleep paralysis where they can interact with
strange beings, some cloaked in darkness and others very similar to the
popular alien of black eyes and short height. During this paralysis
people seem to go out of their bodies, move through walls as if they
were spirits; Some talk with these beings, can fly over their bedrooms
and out into the night, visit other planets and talk with deceased
people. If they exist, do all that I have mentioned means that the
aliens live in the realm of the dead or possibly in a similar
dimension?  That would partially answer the question of why they don't
show up during daylight; there is no reason since they overpower us in
all aspects.

I suspect that when I get paralyzed I am been
submitted to some kind of mental or energetic control. Just a some
people have been paralyzed and floated up to an alien craft after they
go through the roof or a windshield, I have been paralyzed by someone
or something I have no control about. All my research and readings are
geared to understanding this process and finding out solutions to
controlling and opposing it. I propose that the alien presence
syndrome  may be no more than a spiritual event where we are
interacting with them with our spiritual bodies and that is why
contemporary science and methods serve us little in the discovery of
its causes and control. Aliens are here, or maybe, just maybe... they
have always been.

An experiencer of lucid dreams.

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