Monday, June 8, 2009

Alien Talk

By Angelica Downe

How do aliens communicate? At least we know they
don't talk like we do. When they do communicate with humans they use a
telepathic communication where apparently something in the human brain
is activated and we can send and receive messages to and from them.

is done spontaneously, the human does not have to control over the
mechanics of the messaging going to and from whatever gland or organ we
may have for this purpose. So far, so good. My intuition tells me that
this is a way of sending massive chunks of information that can either
lay dormant or be acknowledged immediately. Like an e-mail that is sent
to be received at a later date, or a fax, these chunks of data can also
be time delayed. Just search for the reports of abductions where
abductees say they were given "some information" that they will later
be able to access. It is apparently saved "somewhere". It happens when
abductees start to "remember"  encounters happened when they were
children... We all have experienced the temporary forgetfulness of
people's names and things. Most of the times, the information comes
back by itself, without any effort. Something happens -- end we don't
control it-- which activates the information which then comes to the
surface by itself. It was hidden, saved like in a hard disk, somewhere.
I can only imagine that somewhere like inactive data banks that lie
dormant until something activates them. We don't know how it happens
but it does. There is a mechanism I am sure the scientists are in the
process of understanding. The immediate communication is just that,
immediate, no delays, it is like a text message.  

I remember the
description of the communications that Robert A Monroe received at the
locales he visited while in his out of body experiences. Beings would
send him a "rote" --word he coined for the downloads of information--
that he would receive immediately; like a burst of words, images,
sensations everything in a "package". I imagine that to be like a
photon (a unit of light/energy) or a packet (a unit of electronic
information). A conversation at this level must be carried on through
some type of unit of information --vocally it would be called a word---
that can hold big chunks of data. I can imagine areas of the brain that
can be the happy recipients of this information already expecting and
active and which can be accessed by aliens or any telepathic capable
being in the universe.  

Trying not to be insensitive I have to
ask the question: How do angels communicate with people of different
countries and languages?? How does God? Even if we presume he is an all
knowing supreme being, there has to be a mechanism to communicate
directly to people of different languages. So obvious and no one has
asked the question, ever!  It must be a universal type of "rote" or
symbolic unit of energy that penetrates our brains and accesses the
necessary hot spots, like nervous dendrites, where they can deposit the

These areas of the brain (or soul) could and
probably have been, accessed in past and current times through
instruments, needles or drugs like in the hippy "trips" of the 60's. 
At least in one occasion in current times, I remember reading the use
of a liquid for such purpose and that is in the book The Master of the
Key, by Whitley Strieber.  He drank the liquid that was given to him by
"the master", and he listened and took notes from the conversation they
had. During that long time,   so massive was the quantity and quality
of the information, so inconceivably complex and esoteric, that it was
not until years later that he was able to write everything, because he
doubted himself, the reality of it all. He was probably given something
to activate those brain centers, to access them.  Nevertheless, when he
wrote, he wrote at length and at an uncontrollable pace, word by word,
it seems. How could he remember so much, even with notes that at first
hand seemed unmanageable?  It seems the data was there to be retrieved,
like a clock, at some specific time.  

This enhanced way of
communication may be a quality of the alien's more advanced brains, but
it does not mean that we cannot achieve such marvelous achievements
ourselves. Most grey aliens are described as having a slit for a mouth;
I tend to believe they talk very little if any, and that they do not
eat like us, hence the absence of a mouth and teeth. The tall whites
are very similar to us, nevertheless they communicate telepathically.
So the ability to telecommunicate is perfectly viable with our type of

Symbols. What if there are symbols that are non localized
carriers of information that contain "concentrates of energy", like a
photon, thus serve as energetic conduits of information?  Are the Nazca
lines, the pyramids, Stonehenge, the Aztec feathered serpent,"

and all other mysterious places the carriers of such information? Is it
possible that there is a language of symbols or perfect geometric
IDEALS that are capable of making language obsolete? The ancient
civilizations left codes for us to interpret. They are embedded in
mathematical correlations, angles and geometric figures. How will they
bear fruit is an on going human project. Are they the keys to the
symbolic language that speaks to the brain rather than the ears of the
future awakened humans? The symbols that will jumpstart this capability
are probably present right now; we just have to be aware and ready to
interpret in a whole different way by sensing with our energetic
centers or chakras instead of analyzing with the plain mind. How is the
information carried? I propose, as Robert A. Monroe did:  synchronizing
existing vibrational frequencies with those of our brains.

information carried by thought is energy. Everything is energy and
energetic. Everything carries electromagnetic pulses. Everything
vibrates to different octaves and frequencies so they interlock and
pass through thin air, through dense matter, able to reach the sensors
that are supposed to read them in our brain housed sensors. The
question is; how do we activate this capability.

We are used to
talking about selves as multi-dimensional beings. We have a spiritual
self in a physical body and an astral body; depending what  and who you
read, others mention in addition a mental body, a causal body, etc. It
is the higher self who is our "real self". Our personalities vary from
life to life, as we are reborn and we are usually living the illusion
that the personalit we incarnate in is our only "self"  the "you" and
"me" w eknow consciously.  I may be that other multidimensional beings
(aliens) can use the astral, and mental bodies and there is where the
capability for telepathy resides. So, theoretically, when we are able
to use those bodies consciously and at will, it will be possible for us
to control this type of communication. That is why it is so important
to OBE, to meditate and be able to discriminate between our bodies and
be able to use them,fly in them,  in their respective dimensional
realms and communicate at other levels.

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