Thursday, June 4, 2009

Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming Are on the Rise

By Juan Marquez

Throughout the centuries people have been fascinated
with the unknown and the paranormal phenomenon. The study of Astral
Projection and Lucid Dreaming have become two of the most sought after
subjects ever searched. There have been many books and articles that
have been documented and published on this topic. However with the
invention of the Internet, the information that is being requested, has
been going through the roof at an alarming rate.

These items are
just two of the many forms of meditation that have been found to
alleviate stress and anxiety. With the computers recent popularity,
there has been plenty more stressful moments in our lives to contend
with, as you may agree. The economic conditions throughout the globe,
and the financial stress, has increased the high demand for this
elusive subject.

The recent study has shown that with recorded
messages at certain frequencies, the mind can reach these desired
levels of consciousness much sooner than ever before. The technique
used for these studies is believed to be the most ultimate experience
ever created. The process uses a system that allows the user to listen
to these recordings through a headset, with the headset adjusted to two
different frequencies. This allows the brain to pick up each frequency,
from each side of the brain.

The experience you receive with this technique is indescribable.

you are experiencing any levels of anxiety or stress and would like to
find out more about this fascinating phenomenon, you can visit us at:

have been a musician for more than thirty years and am still learning.
thank you, for allowing me to share with your readers one of the
subjects that has fascinated me for sometime.

Warm Regards: J. Marquez

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