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Do You Have an H in Your Name Or Know Someone Who Does? Chaldean Numerology Tells You What it Means

By Heather Lagan

One of the more direct letters in the alphabet is the
H, which looks like a very short ladder -- and according to ancient
Chaldean numerology and script -- that is one of its meanings (the
other being an open window, which carries the same message - an open
window lets the fresh air in and provides an exit, while a closed
window produces stale air and no way out). At some point in their
lives, anyone with one or more ladders in their name(s) will have the
opportunity to ascend or descend its rungs...or to hem and haw, hedge
and hesitate for so long that the opportunity will pass them by.

choice for holders of the H, especially when it is the first letter, is
both a both a spiritual and physical one: climbing the ladder leads to
healing, hope and highs that are spiritual in nature while descending
the ladder leads to harmful habits, heavy hearts and hazards that are
physical in nature. Valued by the number 5, which seeks freedom,
independence, communication, changes and most importantly, stimulation
of the senses, the H is vulnerable to the need to experiment or escape
and as such, sometimes resides at the lower vibration of addiction and
toxic relationships until the strength is found to attempt, once more,
to rise above itself.

The H/5 is all about success and failure
and the decisions made leading to either. What is available to this
letter energy is success, health and harmony. What is also available to
it is failure, addiction and chaos.

As a person, the balanced H
is friendly, fun to be around, quite humorous (ha-ha), intelligent,
spiritual, nurturing, intuitive and empathic and open to anything that
quickens the senses, whether that be good food, drink, music or openness that also includes (perhaps unfortunately) a
predisposition toward realizing the ideal manifestation of love -- when
the H 'falls', it does so with its entire being, or, its 'whole heart'
which can have dramatic repercussions if the H does not heed the need
to look before it leaps!

A large part of the H is influenced by
emotions, therefore it is susceptible to hurt feelings, insecurities
and self-doubt that can easily lead to self-destructive patterns and
behaviour. If someone should 'shake their ladder' until the H loses its
grip, so to speak, the risk of depression, backsliding and reversal of
gained ground is possible...but that is all part of the journey
encompassed in the symbol of the ladder. Luckily, holders of the H
energy will usually have strong friendship bonds that will kick in when
slippage occurs: helping hands will often become their saving grace.

like me, you have an H or two in your name, know this -- there is a
built-in safety feature in this character that gives us the resilience
to keep climbing: it allows us to see the top of the ladder, even when
we are standing at its base.

So the next time you feel the urge
to follow your heart -- even if you're afraid of heights -- go for it.
The only direction is up.

For more information about different letter meanings, see my past articles here on Ezine Articles, or drop by my website.

Heather Lagan

Heather Lagan is a spiritual advisor in Surrey, B.C., where she has
provided counseling services for over 25 years. As an Intuitive Life
Coach, Heather's primary divinational tools are Tarot and Chaldean
Numerology, the latter being the subject of her book 'Mystic Numerology
and the Secret Language of Letters'. Check out her website at for more information on Chaldean Numerology or other subjects that pertain to the metaphysical world.
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