Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Free Magic Tricks From Scotland -the Flying Aces

This is another superb card trick from Scotland for you to astound your friends and be the center of attention at any party.

The Effect

In this trick you deal four hands of four cards. The four aces are seen to be in one of the hands. You mark the packet with the four aces and ask your friend to choose one of the other packets. When you say the magic words, the aces jump into your friend's packet and his cards jump into yours!

Secret and Preparation

All you need is a pack of cards.

To begin with you deal the four aces in a row on the table. They are face up. Then working from left to right, deal one, face-down card on top of each ace. Do this two more times. You now have four packets of cards on the table. The bottom face-up card of each packet is an ace and there are three face-down cards on top of each ace.

Turn each ace face down and stack the packets on top of each other. You now have one packet of sixteen cards and every fourth card is an ace. Put the packet on the top of the pack and hold the pack face down.

From left to right, deal four cards, one card at a time, in a row on the table. The forth card is of course an ace. After you have dealt the ace, you pick up the next card from the pack and use it to gesture at the ace saying 'That card is an ace'. Your friend will probably challenge you about this. So say 'You don't believe me! I will prove it'. You then quickly place the card in your hand UNDER the pack and then use that same hand to turn over the ace. Your friend's attention will be focused on the ace and he will not notice you returning the card to the bottom of the pack.

After you have shown him the ace, turn it face down and, from left to right, deal one card on top of each packet. Do this a second and a third time. You will now have four packets of cards. Your friend will think that all the aces are in the fourth packet. However, because you placed one card under the pack, only the bottom card is an ace. The other aces are the top three cards of the third packet.

You are now going to force your friend to choose the third packet. So, ask your friend to point to two of the other packets. If he points at packet one and two, then discard them, and you are left with packet three.

If he points to packet three and another packet, then discard the one that was not chosen and ask him to point to one of the packets remaining. If he points to the third packet, then discard the other one. Alternatively, if he points to the other packet, then discard it and keep the third packet. Whichever packet he choose, you have manipulated his choice so you are left with the third packet.

You then turn the bottom card of the third packet face up and leave half of its face showing under the three cards on top of it. Do the same with the ace at the bottom of the fourth packet.

You now swap the bottom cards between the packets. Take the ace and put it face up under the third packet and the other bottom card face up under the fourth packet.

You then say the magic word 'Alakazam' and turn over the cards in the third packet. They are all aces! Then you turn over the cards in the fourth packet. They are different cards.

A miracle!

By: Michael Breck

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