Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Free Magic Tricks From Scotland - The Vanishing Coin

In Scotland, Magic is an excellent way of entertaining your friends and family. It is also very useful in business and can be used as a great "ice-breaker" when meeting new business contacts.
In this trick, you will make a coin vanish under impossible test conditions!

How The Trick Appears To The Audience

The Magician rolls up his sleeves and holds a coin in his hand, so everyone can see it.

Apart from the coin, it is apparent that his hands are empty.

He then drapes a handkerchief over his hand and the coin.

He asks several people to reach under the handkerchief and verify the coin is still there.

He then asks someone to tie the ends of the handkerchief around wrist.

The Magician then says he will attempt to make the coin vanish into thin air.

With his other hand, he makes some mysterious gestures above the handkerchief.

He asks someone to untie the handkerchief and remove it from his hand.

When they do, everyone can see the coin had completely disappeared!

The audience can examine his hands and the handkerchief, but there is no clue to how this miracle was performed.

How The Trick Is Done

The trick is a good example of how the simplest of tricks can be made into a minor miracle with a good presentation.

Unknown to the audience, one of the spectators is a confederate of yours.

When you ask several people to feel under the handkerchief, you make sure that he is the last person to do so.

When your confederate reaches under the handkerchief, he secretly removes the coin by concealing it in his hand.

If your confederate does this in a relaxed manner, he will not arouse suspicion.

You can then have someone else tie the ends of the handkerchief around your wrist.

Only at this point do you say that you will attempt to make the coin vanish.

With a suitable dramatic build up and some magical gestures with your free hand, have someone untie and remove the handkerchief from your hand.

Your audience will be absolutely amazed and have no idea how you did it!

This trick is extremely baffling and the audience will think you are a great magician.

By: Michael Breck

Michael Breck is a professional Magician and runs an Entertainment
Agency in Scotland called The Magic Agency. He has been entertaining at
weddings and booking entertainment for weddings for over twenty years.
For more ideas about wedding entertainment go to Entertainment For Weddings and Events or Magical Entertainment.

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