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Horoscope For July 2009

By Maya White

Aries - (March 20 - April 19) It's about time you got
that raise, Aries. I know you've been amazingly productive and
agonizingly efficient; finally your well deserved bonus is set for
delivery. Mars trine Pluto on the 4th holds a promise of financial
opportunity. New horizons on the job come with a new set of
responsibilities, however. Take them on in your best fashion -
delegate. Really, that is part of your cosmic job description. You are
a leader and an initiator; so it's ok to ask for and receive help in
the detail department. Plus, travel may become a new part of your
world. Again, ask for assistance; you need someone to help with all of
the new demands which are entering into your realm. The New Moon of
June 22nd brings substance to irrevocable changes. Move ahead with
spiritual grace and all of your physical vitality.

Taurus -
(April 20 - May 20) Hopefully you have cleaned out those closets and
shredded the old papers; it's time for the NEW kid in town to debut.
Old situations have simply served their purposes, and it's time to let
them go. Not always easy for Taurus, I know. The secret to success lies
in your ability to move ahead with joy and a sense of freedom. If
everything in your life looks the same, it's time to do something wild
and crazy. To make it easier, the stars are lending their grace of
perfect timing this month. Release doubt and embrace motion. Strategic
days to take action are June 8th, the 18th & 19th , and the 22nd
& 23rd. The first quarter moon in Libra on the 29th is your time to
check in on how you're doing on your new self-creation. The questions
to ask are: are you having fun? And, have you made the necessary

Gemini - (May 21 - June 20) I'll bet you're happy
Mercury is direct this month! So, you cleaned up old stuff in May, and
now you are clear and ready for action. The Universe supports your
decision with a stellar sextile, the aspect of opportunity, from Venus
to Jupiter on the 2nd. My insider secret - there was never a better
month for networking, as friends and acquaintances serve to propel you
along your career path. (One exception is if you were born May 28 or 29
- a friend may disappoint you) The Full Moon of June 7th highlights
your 7th house of personal and business partnerships, too, so get out
early and often. If you're looking for a new work situation, this is
the perfect month to seal the deal, but not until the 23rd. Keep the
news to yourself on the 26th, when everything you say comes out wrong;
just stay home that day, or give yourself an early vacation. By the
30th, everybody is happy again.

Cancer - (June 21 - July 21) No
doubt you feel as though you have given all that you can and it's time
to renew yourself. If you can just shift into overdrive, and move into
that space of efficiency while maintaining inner relaxation, you will
be fine. I predict a culmination of the situation with the Full Moon of
June 7th. This was a major phase of your karmic duty; one which you can
look back upon and know that you did your best. The 18th and 19th are
excellent days to unwind, find a secret cove by the sea and plan some
cozy meals with someone who really understands you. The 22nd brings a
New Moon in your sign, and this one brings a major new beginning. Tend
to necessary business early in the week, because regardless of your
best efforts to communicate, you will be misunderstood on the 26th.
Your rewards are coming!

Leo - (July 22 - August 22) Your
instincts are sharp now, Leo. This intuition, combined with your skills
and knowledge can make you practically unstoppable. As the revered
asteroid goddess Pallas Athena finally moves into your sign, it's time
to put that long held dream into action. One of her teachings is that
of creating practical gifts which serve others; things like pottery,
weaving, and finalizing your web site which offers easy access to
purchases. Then, you really harvest her gifts. This month is more of a
time for behind the scenes work, however. The New Moon of June 22
initiates your solar 12th house of solitude and service, and the
eclipses of July will open a door to plans gone awry. Preparation
serves you well now; get ready for a late August debut.

Virgo -
(August 23 - September 22) Being co-ruled by Mercury and the modern
asteroid Chiron, your sign is one of delicate balance. You must be
discriminating because if you are not, clarity leaves and chaos reigns.
Some questions simply remain unanswered now, and antagonizing your mind
for an answer is counterproductive. Instead, try deep relaxation on a
moment to moment basis; when you feel that inner rubber band tighten up
- breathe, and let go. That way, you can take advantage of the good
things coming your way this month! On June 4th, Mars and Pluto give you
intensity and drive, and on the 8th, Venus helps you shine in a big
way. With both Mars and Venus in Taurus, earth signs have the blessings
of flow and constancy right now. It's just that sometimes we don't know
a good thing when we have it. Relax, get some Bach Flower Rescue
Remedy, and get ready to rock -n- roll.

Libra - (September 23 -
October 21) Falling off a log is easy, but wading out of the water is
not so much fun. Have you been sleeping, Libra? The waves have been
slapping a gentle rhythm on your hull, keeping in time with the
mermaid's song. It all looks so good on paper, but what about the elbow
grease required to power the monkey wrench. Darn, I hate it when that
happens. Hold a steady course. These setbacks are only temporary, and
you are learning more and more about how to set sail and chart your
course to freedom. Your vision is pure. Pay attention on the 17th when
you are presented with a stellar partnership opportunity which
solidifies by the 30th. One shining light of the upcoming New Age is
that you will never again walk alone, unless it is by choice.

- (October 22 - November 21) Put it together, Scorpio - put IT
together. Somebody is waiting for your input. Like the mythological
Jason on his quest for the Golden Fleece, you have met with tests and
challenges. However, you have also had divine intervention and
assistance, especially when you remembered to ask for it. And, like
Jason, you can benefit from good practical advice. Unfortunately, Jason
died alone, a victim of his own disloyalty to the goddess Medea. As we
move into a rectification of heaven and earth, please consider that the
old stories no longer apply. A test of loyalty is just that - a test.
And I know you can pass it with flying colors. Your most powerful
detractor is your own self doubt; and your desire for a private life.
Soon, you will have your cake, and you can eat it too!

- (November 22- December 20) Does it seem that these are the best and
worst of times, and often in the same day? So much of this boils down
to facts and figures, and I have a nagging feeling that you are not
getting the whole story. When you look closely, you will find that what
is missing provides as much information as the details which are
presented. Saturn deals the winning hand here; this translates into
holding the course and building upon what you have already established.
This is NOT a good month for long distance travel, either. Thankfully,
it looks like your wanderlust is under control right now. Sometimes the
KISS solution is the most obvious; this is one of those times.

- (December 21 - January 19) Wouldn't it be great if we could just buy
our own printing presses and manufacture money? The right idea which
helps you earn necessary money has come to fruition; this is centered
in a past lifetime skill which you have already mastered and are now
ready to bring forth as a contribution to your prosperity. And,
currency is only a part of the picture. As you play your cards, you
create something slightly different - how about a bartering empire? The
8th, 9th, and 10th, when the Moon is in your sign this month, are good
days to put your plans to paper. I see you moving off the 'grid' and
into self sufficiency; leaning more on trades and goods and moving away
from just cash. This shift is not just for you. It also serves others,
yet the beauty of this is that it deepens your own skills and abilities.

- (January 20 - February 17) With Jupiter and Neptune dancing together
in your sign, the past few months have no doubt brought on some roller
coaster rides. Together, apart, and back again; some great days, and
some - not so good ones. Neptune is a difficult planet, especially for
you, a sign ruled in ancient astrology by structured and predictable
Saturn. With Jupiter in the mix, you want to do your best. Things are
going good, and then damn, there comes the x-factor, and your efforts
evaporate. Practice your new level of authority on the 11th when unruly
factions rise up; they really just need strong leadership. Consider
taking on the role of high priest or priestess. You must transcend your
logical mind with its perceived limitations to deepen your mantle of
power. And, this is core spiritual work, not just donning a robe and

Pisces - (February 18 - March 19) Just a little bit of
strategic planning goes a long way now, Pisces. The pieces will fit
together like a grand puzzle if you only participate in the play, and
you receive a major portion on the 13th. You can take the role either
of a game master, or an innocent bystander. The bystander is at the
mercy of the whims of others; the master makes his or her moves in
fitting fashion. Some people master these maneuvers early in life,
however, self destructive tendencies still keep them returning to
bystander mode. The core issue is your readiness to move into new
levels of power and self acceptance. And, the problem is that there is
really nowhere else to go; it's either up or down because this moving
sideways has run its course. Your creativity peaks on the 22nd; make it
real on the 23rd.

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