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Is Levitation Possible Or is it an Illusion?

By William Allan

The question as it was posed: Is levitation possible or is it an illusion perpetrated by magicians  and how about telepathy, clairvoyance or remote viewing?

Yes and yes and yes and yes and yes.

are all possible, but herein lies the almost insurmountable
complications in understanding the reasons behind the ability to
levitate the human form. Levitation seems so unbelievable because it
violates one of the most sacred laws of the universe, the law of
gravity. You can measure the effects of the law of gravity and of
course, that has been done before, so that would lead one to believe
that the law of gravity cannot be negated, it is pervasive and
relentless. There is a caveat here, and that is that your universe
operates automatically on its own set of laws, but your universe is a
camouflage, an overlay of the basic "prime universe" that is the
"inside" of the outside physical universe, and it is upon this inside
prime universe that your physical universe is rooted and retains its

Other universal laws are "time, or cause and effect"
and "space" and as I have said before they are  both illusions and are
only relevant within your system. Other space civilizations, alien life
forms inhabiting other planets, planes and dimensions  may know nothing
of your version of time and space or if they do operate within some of
the root assumptions and requirements of time and space, they do so
while the are well aware that they are illusions, and they utilize
their effects for their own purposes, but are not bound to them as you
are. So what I am saying is that even though these laws may be very
convincing when you are forced to live by their dictates within the
physical system, these laws are not absolute, though they are apparent.

other words, these laws of gravity, time and space can be broken and on
occasion you can break the trance and see them for the illusion that
they are. You can get hints of the illusion in the dream state, when
you can experience a dream that took up a week of your physical
experience in only a few minutes of dream time and when you awake you
would  find that the week of dream experience did not cost you a week
of your life, but only minutes. In other words, you lived a week of
physical time in the dream experience, but only aged a few minutes.
This fact alone should convince you that time is relative and in a
larger context it is downright deceptive. In the dream state, when the
ego is stilled, time and space lose their hold on your conscious ego
and you are more free to experience the true "expansive present" that
is the only true time. You can in the dream state, walk down miles of
roads and never move your legs as you lie in bed, and in the same time
frame of only a few minutes, and never wear out any shoe leather, and
the miles of roads that you traverse are all contained in the confined
space of your bedroom,.

The reason that I point this out is that
many of the laws of your universe are unique to your system of reality,
and they cannot even be applied to other civilizations even in your own
universe. They only hold sway over your one small world and to other
physical phenomena  that your instruments allow you to perceive but
they do not apply to other planes and dimensions that exist in your

There are also "basic laws" of the inner universe and
these laws can be applied to all systems, worlds, universes, dimensions
and civilizations. You are also immersed in these basic inner universe
laws, but you are not aware of them at this time. These basic laws
cannot be negated or broken, the laws of your physical universe can be
broken on occasion they are, and when they are broken, you call the
experience anomalies or "Extra Sensual Perception" or ESP. These
"Paranormal" experiences are usually not planned in advance and usually
happen when they are least expected and that is why they are so hard to
duplicate for demonstration purposes. What you then refer to as ESP
occurrences, are spontaneous, instantaneous and originate from within
the inner universe of psychic reality and usually not from conscious

The abilities of the human personality to sense things
other than physical objects and events has  long been known and these
abilities are inherent and latent within all consciousness to some
degree, but although they are retained in the subconscious of the human
species, they are closer to the surface of many of the animal species
that are not so limited by the pervasive hold of the human ego
consciousness. No one is born without these abilities as you might be
born without a leg for example, but some people have become more
proficient in the use of these psychic abilities. Humanity as you know
it is very dependent on the use of inner telepathic abilities to
provide the adhesiveness to the physical universe and its many
manifestations from the most distant star to the tree in your yard.
These and all other objects and events only make sense to your outer
perceptions, because they are all actually individual and differing in
some very important respects.

When all perceptions are shared
between all consciousness (including the consciousness of all living
things), and when each persons individual perception of an object, each
creating their own version of that object, the data is shared through
telepathic communication and  the differences begin to even out and
finally you will all see, hear, smell, touch and taste the same thing.
Your five senses alone could never come to this type of agreement on
the size, height, weight, color of objects if this kind of inner
telepathic communication did not act as some kind of moderator of
differing perceptions.

 If this commonality was not formed
through the use of telepathy, there could be no agreement or sharing of
data that this "common telepathic sharing" brings about. There is
another truth here that you have not yet learned and that is you have
NO thoughts are not intimately known to all those around you. Of course
this is known through inner communication, and does not usually rise to
the surface of ego consciousness. Some people, including some psychics
and mediums have developed their inner senses to the extent that they
can truly read your mind, but they are simply demonstrating to all what
is an inherent ability of all consciousness. This is the natural way of
communication of most other universal civilizations, and you will all 
learn to communicate naturally this way. In fact, upon death you will
transition to another plane where communication will be exclusively
telepathic. This will take some adjustment at first.

is another psychic ability that is quite common and is always used in
the background of all consciousness. That is why there will always be
those who for some strange unexplained reason did not take the flight
on the plane that crashed. You rationalize it off as a coincidence, a
freak of nature, but I tell you, it was no accident. All species have
the ability to, on occasion, to see into the future, but usually don't
realize that is what they are doing. The future exists NOW, just as
real as the present and the past. Your consciousness is tuned to
perceive only the present and due to  "memory", you can recall some of
the past, but you cannot see the future which exists now just as does
the past and present. Those who can see into the future are simply
better at sneaking a peek at future probabilities, sorting out the most
probable of all possibilities and selecting the most likely to be
actualized when that future time comes. (See  article on
probabilities). You are actually viewing "time" in slow motion,
experiencing one event at a time in a linear fashion when this is not
necessary and in fact, quite unusual in a universe full of what you
would call alien species. There is a better way.

Again, animals
have the innate ability, to sense future disasters and leave the
territory that will be affected well in advance of the actual event.
This happens regularly with impending floods, hurricanes and recently
happened in the Tsunami that devastated Banda Aceh, Indonesia, where
animals were seen leaving the area well in advance of the actual event.
For animals, the ability to sense some future events is because they
are not so limited by the ego consciousness that sometimes stifles the
human species, as the ego in performing its usual duties, rejects this
kind of clairvoyant information, because it will not allow certain
information to seep through to your conscious attention  that does not
come from physical sources. There are countless instances where people
have seen or viewed future events before they happened and I don't need
to go into them now, other than to say, in your nightly dreams, when
your pervasive and dominant ego is stilled, you regularly explore
future events and you could not do this if they did not already exist
in psychological fact and they in no uncertain terms exist just as real
as any physical event.

Levitation is the ability to "violate" the
law of gravity, to set aside its effects temporarily and raise your
body or a physical object from the earth. This is happens in the most
rare situations, but it does happen on occasion. This will be the most
difficult to explain, simply because you have been taught that nothing
can offset the apparent laws of the universe. First of all, you must
realize the each system of reality, even some that exist in the same
"space" as your earth, exist with their own specialized sets of
parameters for existence within their particular system. To project
your system's laws on other worlds and dimensions is folly and the laws
that seem so irrefutable to your :"earth" would have no validity in
other worlds even in your own universe. In other words, gravity which
seems so unavoidable on earth, may be expressed in other terms on other
planets or planes. Gravity may be a law prevalent in your universe, but
your universe is yours only, and others sharing your universe are not
bound by your adopted laws.

All "unnatural" paranormal acts and
events that now seem so unusual to you are unusual only because you do
not expect them to happen, so your ego consciousness screens and limits
what you can experience simply because it fears losing its dominance.
Paranormal events cannot be forced, or even predicted. How many times
have you had a hunch that came true? How many times have you said :"I
knew that?" How many times have you felt something about someone close
to you that turned out to be correct? How often, have you thought that
you "received" a message from someone who has recently died? How many
times have you thought that you have been somewhere or met someone
before? Many of these happenings are not imagined coincidences, though
you may think they are.

Your physical body is not solid, but all
of earths living species have agreed to pretend that they are for a
limited time at precise coordinates in time and space and the illusion
cannot be pierced except in unusual circumstances. You have created and
tuned your perceptions to play creative games with atoms, molecules and
cells in one gigantic co-operative effort to use them as building
blocks for more complicated life forms, but remember, the atoms
themselves are not any more solid than you are, but their effect gives
the impression of solidity.

Solidity, rigid, concrete appearing
objects are simply purposeful collections of swirling atoms driven by
self aware consciousness into, filling out meaningful, psychic,
physical patterns that achieve duration and continuity in time for all
to use and enjoy. Atoms are continually coming and going and the chair
that you sit on today is not the same chair you will sit on tomorrow,
but as some like to say, it will be close enough for government work.
Now, I don't expect to convince you in one  short article, that
everything that you experience is an illusion, but more precisely,
everything "physical" that you experience is something that you
hallucinate through the use of your senses. Gravity is a reality in
YOUR universe, but your universe is not the same universe of alien
civilizations and it is not the universe of your inner self. Your inner
self dwells in the inner universe that operates on its own set of laws
and they are quite different than yours.

Since you live in a
universe of its own appearances and parameters for existence,
generally, you must follow the rules, but the rules are not absolute,
but they are accepted by the ego consciousness whose job it is to
manipulate a physical identity in the physical system. When you learn
to disassociate your consciousness from everyday life, the more you can
learn to rely on your subconscious and inner senses, the more you  can
learn to trust your intuitions and hunches, the closer you will come to
the use of your paranormal senses that are latent in all personalities.

you are not all at the same level of psychic sophistication because you
did not all enter the  system at the same time or the same level of
development and there are some among you that are more developed along
these lines than others. They have begun to somewhat break the
stranglehold of the pervasive outer ego and see through the illusion
more than others and they recognize that your world of appearances is
just that. These personalities are further along than others and they
have learned the lessons of manipulation of physical matter into
meaningful psychic patterns and this is the lesson you are all to learn
before you leave your physical (earth) system for more advanced
dimensions. These too are the individuals who are more psychically
developed and  have learned that the "physical laws" can be broken and
matter can indeed be manipulated to behave contrary to the physical
laws that govern your universe.

This is very important; you live
in a world of great expectations, and if you don't believe and expect
something, you won't see it. If you don't think it is possible to see
into the future, to communicate without words, to move and manipulate
matter with the mind, you will dismiss these occurrences as
coincidences, flukes or a psychic accident. There is one characteristic
common to those who regularly  experience paranormal events, they pay
attention. In other words, paranormal events are always happening, some
notice them and some don't.

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name is W. Allan, single male 62, a resident of Naples Florida. I
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