Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Minhocao - A Giant Worm by Any Other Name

By Robert Benjamin

The name "Minhocao" is a Portuguese word for "worm".
Aside from the word "Minhocao", the natives of South America refer to
the giant serpent by many names such as Batatão, Biatatá, M'boiguaçu
Mboitatá, Mboi-assu, Boitatá, Baitatá, Batatá, Bitatá, and Mbaê-Tata.

have been many reports of sightings of a giant worm in the forests and
fields of South America. As an amphibian creature whose appearance is
akin to that of a giant earthworm, the Minhocao is said to be filled
with scaly black skin. Instead of a mouth with sharp fangs like many
other serpent beasts, the Minhocao has pair of tentacle-like structures
that stick out of its head.

According to witnesses, the giant
earthworm's body extends to as much as twenty five meters or more than
eighty feet while its diameter is about three to four feet wide. Based
on the stories, the Minhocao feeds on livestock and other large animals.

of its size and strength, the worm beast is said to be capable of
capturing and dragging its prey with a single whisk of its body. It is
also capable of digging subterranean trenches and overturning boats. As
a result, the beast is often blamed whenever there are collapsed houses
and trenches, and overturned vehicles in the forests and waters of
South America.

The first recorded sighting to the giant earthworm
appeared in the write up of Auguste de Saint-Hilaire. Published in the
American Journal of Science, he noted that the beast was seen in the
'São Francisco' river region.

The said report was followed by an
article written by zoologist Fritz Müller in 1877. In his article
published in the Zoologische Garten, Müller stated accounts of actual
sightings of the Minhocao.

In the article, Müller stated that a
woman who was fetching water from the river saw a large animal as huge
as a house. In the same area of the Parania State, the author also
noted a testimonial of a lad who stated that he saw a huge worm-like
beast about twenty-five meters in length. The boy said that as the worm
beast moved along the ground, the surrounding earth shook as well and
trees were overturned.

is a website that describes the Minhocao and numerous other creatures
of Cryptozoology in detail, this website is called: Unknown Creatures
and it may be found at this url: http://www.unknown-creatures.com

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