Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Psychic Protection - What You Need to Know Before It's Too Late

By Daniel Hinds

Psychic protection is an necessary part of your
mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. As you understand the
universal laws, learn the power of thoughts and intention you will come
to realize just how important a psychic attack can be.

There are
many people who are under the false assumption that an attack can
happen on by a practicing witch or some psychic but this is not true.
Every day you are under the effects of psychic disturbances. If you are
dealing with angry house mates, disgruntled employs, competitive
friends or jealous people then you had better make it your duty to
learn the secrets of psychic protection.

Many new agers believe
that if they just surround themselves with light and love they cannot
be harmed. While that is a good idea and practice it is not sufficient.
You see psychic protection requires several levels of protection that
go quite deep. If you apply one technique but leave the other doors
open for an attack then you are not fully protected.

It is
necessary to learn the several layers of protection and apply them all
at once. All to often people wait until things in their life are very
bad. They may begin to feel that they are out of control and simply
unable to regain their strength to make things right. By this point a
person's energy may be so low that it could be very hard to do the
necessary steps to help themselves.

Psychic Attacks can really Destroy Your Life. Here are a few Signs to Look For:

Are you surrounded by others who leave you feeling uneasy? They
smile to your face but somehow you know that something is not right.

you experience numerous frightening dreams of being harmed or being
chased? Dreams are always an indication of what is going on in your
life at a level that you may not be aware of when you are occupied with
your daily life.

Do you feel tired but not in a physical way,
just drained energetically and mentally without engaging in anything
strenuous? When you are under an attack this causes you to lose lots of
energy. When you energy is low it allows all sorts of poisonous attacks
to enter your mind affecting your total wellbeing. In the Psychic
Shield ecourse it is broken down in sections that take you from the
discovery of the attack to releasing it, followed by creating a very
strong field of psychic protection. When you have strengthened your
aura you can better heal yourself and also better attract the things
you want in your life.

Psychic protection should become a way of
life just like physical hygiene. The more you practice some form of
psychic protection the better able you are to handle the things which
come your way. You may be under attack right now and not even know it.

Psychic Protection is a Necessity In Order to Manifesting the Things You Want. It has everything to do With Protecting YOUR Precious Vital Life force Energy.

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