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Shadow People - Evil Or Just Unknown?

By Chase Daniels

At first, you catch a glimpse of something out of the
corner of your eye. Just as you turn your head, it's gone. But the
feeling of being watched now becomes evident. Shadow people: Just the
term conjures many different visions in people's minds. Most often, it
brings feelings and visions of fear.

Reports of shadow people
have been around for centuries, but stories and sightings of these
elusive entities are coming out now more than ever. In recent years,
The Rhine Research Center (the Institute for Parapsychology) has gotten
hundreds of reports from people claiming to have seen Shadow People.
Paranormal research groups are witnessing them during investigations,
even being able to photograph some. What does this mean? Why are Shadow
People being seen so much more now than in previous years? What are they???

what they are is not known, and you will receive a different answer
from each person you ask. But, most paranormal researchers do agree on
one aspect: They are not human entities. We don't believe they're
ghosts. Don't believe they're demons either. But, on a scale, we'd lean
more towards the negative side, especially given the bad feelings we
get from the vibes they give off. It's suggested that they're pressence
means something bad, or that something bad will happen.

One thing
that makes them so interesting is the consistency of reports of their
sightings. Year aften year, from person to person, the description
almost always stays the same. Shadow People can appear as a dark,
whispy indistinguishable shape or mass or a silhouetted shape of a
person. It is said that they can appear with a hat or a hood.They have
no facial features and no type of clothing. They're simply a "shadow".
And they're darker than dark; so dark that their silhoutte can be seen
in a pitch black home. They're often described as small in size,
usually no more than a few feet tall, and if the eyes are seen, they're
typically small and red. They stay (or come from) the corners of rooms,
behind the tv, couch or chair, in lower cabinets, under beds or in
closets. Most of the time, they do nothing... just watch the living,
though there have been reports of people being attacked by Shadow
People. Unlike some ghosts, Shadow People seem to be very aware of our
presence and at times seem intent on making us feel frightened or
uncomfortable. They seem to appear where other paranormal activity has
been sighted or where there is or has been a great deal of stress,
grief or tragedy. It is also theorized that they feed off the energy of
people. This makes sense, especially when coupled with the theory of
them appearing where a tragic situation has occurred. There are
negative emotions or energy, so the Shadow People exploit this and grow
stronger, thus appearing more often.

A Few Theories

Demons or other negative spirit entities:

The dark, foreboding feelings that one gets from seeing these
mysterious phantoms have led some paranormal researchers to believe
that these nasty entities are something sinister. Their presence means
only evil. This theory goes even further to say that Shadow People are
simply demons in disguise. If so, what is their purpose?


Some researchers say that Shadow People are actually ghosts that
were evil when living or have returned from hell to torment the lives
of humans.

Time Travelers

Another theory is that they are entities from the past or the
future and have found a way to travel in time or have found a
"time-slip" or "portal".

Astral Beings

One belief is that they are the spirits of people having
out-of-body experiences. Some believe that we all travel out of our
bodies while we sleep, so our essence is traveling and unknowingly
showing ourself to others in different time levels.


This one is a very common belief. Aliens are visiting us and
watching our every move. Perhaps they are studying us, our lives, our
bodies. The one's who support this theory believe that the aliens are
disguising themselves as Shadow People and are waiting their
opportunity to abduct us.

Beings from Another Dimension

OK, even most scientists believe that there are other dimensions
out there, and that there are very thin vails between the planes of
these different dimensions. The one's whi support this theory believe
that Shadow People have either found a way to enter into our dimension
or have acidentally slipped into "our side".

So naturally, we
don't truly know what Shadow People are. But hopefully as time goes on,
we'll discover something solid that may be able to answer years of

If you've had an experience with Shadow People, please
let us know. Publishing your story could really help the other people
who have had or are having to deal with these nasty little beings. And
of course, we will not reveal your identity.

Article Source: South Georgia Paranormal

Daniels is the co-founder of South Georgia Paranormal Research Society.
SGPRS is a paranormal research organization and has been researching
and investigating paranormal phenomena since 2004. We respond to
requests for help from those who feel they are experiencing a haunting.
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