Sunday, June 7, 2009

Signs of Demonic Possession - Psychological Indications of Possession

By Dayna Winters

There are several instances where psychological
factors can be signs of demonic possession. The psychological signs of
a potential possession include a number of symptoms that can often be
confused with legitimate signs of mental disorders and illnesses. It
will be up to the demonologist to assess every situation on a case by
case basis to determine whether or not the symptoms someone is
displaying are related to a mental disorder or if the symptoms are
legitimate signs of demonic possession. When in doubt, a psychological
evaluation is recommended whenever possible so that mental illness can
be ruled out of the equation.

Common psychological indications of
possession include, but are not limited to alterations to one's social
behaviors and activities, noticeable or striking changes in one's
behaviors and personality, and the presence of sleep difficulties or
continual sleep disturbances. Possessed individuals may sometimes
behave in violent ways and the violence can occur even without any type
of provocation.

Supernatural events are common signs of demonic
possession and can occur around the individual that is demonically
possessed as well. Such events should be verified by scientific
investigative means, if it is at all possible to do so. In addition,
eye witness testimony can prove amazingly helpful in determining
whether or not the symptoms an individual is exhibiting are
paranormally related or not, or if the events are indeed indicative of

Additional signs of demonic possession include the
appearance of polyglossia, xenoglossia, polyglossic vocals,
prognostication, glossolalia, retrocognition, the extensive use of
profanities, aversions to objects considered religiously sacred,
confusion, and amnesia. A possessed individual might also have auditory
or olfactory responses produced from unidentified sources. A quick view
of some of the symptoms associated with possession immediately reveal
that several of the symptoms including the use of excessive
profanities, auditory experiences, and unexplained olfactory responses
are also signs of various mental conditions requiring professional

There are a number of physical manifestations that can
be associated with possession as well. All symptoms should be viewed
and considered together before a demonologist can deem someone as
possessed and needing spiritually related assistance. Again, it should
be duly noted that many of the psychological indications of possession
are considered seriously grey areas: areas that can also be affiliated
with mental illnesses requiring treatment from a qualified
professional. When in doubt on any instance, it is better for the
suspected victim to be completely evaluated so that he or she can be
treated for any mental disturbances, if present, with the utmost

Winters is a professional editor, writer, paranormal investigator, and
the present co-founder and co-director of ISIS Paranormal
Investigations. She also co-hosts ISIS Paranormal Radio on
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