Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Tarot Symbolism And Tarot Meaning Of The Magician

The Magician depicts a man wearing the figure eight above his head symbolizing eternity and presiding over a table with one hand stretched up.On the table there is a cup,a pentacle,sword and a wand-the four tarot cards suits of the minor arcana. Each represent an aspect of life, personality and knowledge.The Magician has control over these elements as he wishes.

In ancient societies The Magician or shaman, witch or wizard has a vital role. They are specially chosen people mediating between two worlds, our world and the mysterious realm of the other wotld for healing, looking into the future,presiding over fertility ritualsand protectung people from negative forces.

The Magician has highly developed psychic abilities through rigorous training. Mercury the Magician's designated planet serve to emphasize the Magician's ability to travel between the world and the underworld.Asrtologically, Mercury is the planet of communication,intellect,reason amd teaching. He is the god of the alphabet,languages,magical knowledge,medicine,crossroads and tricksters. He is the patron of alchemists because he can turn things into gold.

The Fool schemes and dreams can evaporate like morning mists without some practical self disciplined action. The Magician helps you work to achieve your goals. An interest in languages,writing,public speaking is one important tarot meaning of the Magician.

Another tarot meaning of the Magician is that it is linked with nervous exhaustion and breathing difficulties. The Magiciam is an unemotional card and suggests someone who over analyzes everything amd someone who lost touch with his or her emotion.

Like the Fool this is an androgynous card. A perfect balance between male and female, a card of self love within which a relationship would suffer setbacks.

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