Thursday, June 4, 2009

Taurus Children

By Hanne Klein

Taurus Children - what a delight they are, both boys
and girls are cute and loving youngsters and they are among the most
placid children of the zodiac. One of the typical characteristics of
true Taureans is a quiet not especially talkative nature. However,
Venus the planet of relationship and human interaction rules Taurus,
which means that these children are also very sociable.

Taurus Children are very fond of music and should be surrounded by
music and even given some sort of music or singing lessons. Later on
the influence of Venus will bring out the love of art and beauty in the
Taurus Children. They are usually physical sturdy children with a lot
of stamina and determination to achieve what ever goal they set for
themselves. They can become wonderful athletes or be involved in other
activities that will keep them physical fit and productively occupied.

Taurus Children are born in an astrological earth sign. This means the
essential harmony in life for these youngsters exists in the material
world. For some it will be displayed in a very practical personalities
and in others it may be less practical but never the less they will
instinctively know what is genuine and of value to themselves and

The most common trait of the Taurus Children is
stubbornness but at the same time they are cooperative and easy to get
along with if you approached them in the right way. Part of their
stubborn nature can be related to their need for personal security.

these children grown-up their calm and patience nature will help them
establish good stable relationships and they usually make responsible

are a we site for people young at heart it has images to further
explain the importance of Astrology. We are in the month of May and
this is the month of Taurus. Yes, Taurus the bull, it is hard to get
this fellow out of balance and you will do well to follow the energy we
have this month. At this time you will really benefit from being
outdoors taking an interest in nature or do some gardening. It will be
very calming for you and if you have been busy lately you will
appreciate the long walks in nature. The influence of nature will have
a peaceful and relaxing effect on you so if you tune in on the Taurus
energy this month you will feel so much calmer. I'm Hanne Klein and you
can read more about Taurus and Astrology in my two books.

Hanne Klein

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