Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tough Secrets In Learning Magic Tricks

With commitment and the right resources, you can do amazing things. The great thing about magic is that even some of the simple tricks are fascinating and often difficult to figure out to the person watching.

If you are really interested in learning some magic tricks, you have to understand the basic rules. Part of any trick is the way in which it is performed; you have to keep the mystery alive. But if you do not capture the respect of people by taking time to learn the trick but also practice the trick until you have it down to a fine art, part of the effect and integrity are lost.

For starters, even if how simple the magic trick for you, you should not tell anyone on how you do it. You have to keep your trick secret to make it more exciting. Once you perform it perfectly for sure there are lots of people will ask you on how you do it, just remember that keeping the magic secret is part of the game.

Another important rule that you have to keep in mind with regards in performing magic tricks is to perform only when conditions are optimal. If you are going to party and someone mentioned that you are going to perform a trick, choose only the tricks that you know you can do spontaneously. You have to know your limits, one or two tricks is enough to avoid committing failure when it comes to the third or fourth attempt.

The key, even if you are just performing in front of your family and friends is to leave people wanting to see more. You have to be humble let the magic tricks speaks for you and do not brag about how great you are. If you are interested to build your own career with magic, knowing when to stop and when to keep going is a fine line that needs to be learned. It will be better to know one magic at a time than knowing all of them, because time will come that you will learn all of that.

In order to be a good magician you have to dedicate your time and effort in practicing. Most of the magic tricks use hand movements, so you have to be precise and quick that the eyes does not see them.

By: Eliza Maledevic

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