Sunday, June 7, 2009

Try Automatic Writing

Wouldn't it be nice to have a direct toll free line to the other side? Through Automatic Writing people have been able to connect. Many have contacted loved ones, gotten their deepest questions answered and even alleviated their fears of death. Would you be interested in accomplishing any of these things?

What else could you accomplish with this skill? Languages, unknown to the writer, have been written fluently while automatic writing. Lost documents have been recovered. Masterpieces have been drawn. It has even aided in psychic archeology. It’s been used for psychological treatment and diagnosis, it has been used to help investigate and solve crimes. And, of course, it is used to alleviate stress and anxiety about the mysteries of death. This centuries old medium of communication is widely recognized and practiced still to this day.

Sound like something you'd be interested in?

Jane Macomber, automatic writer and author would like to give you lessons. Along with Peggy McColl, a New York Times best selling author and goal achieving coach, she is sharing her gift with the world. Through a teleseminar event, she will be able to reach thousands of listeners at the same time, international or local, from home, work or school to share what she knows and teach you to do the same.

In 2008, Jane released her first book based on her automatic writings. The messages coming through were powerful and full of such insight and wisdom she could not keep them to herself. In fact, she was told, through the writings, that she MUST share her findings with as many human beings as possible. So she, along with her family, decided to release the book and see if others would have the fortitude to learn and act according to what the other side has communicated to her.

Her family hopes to spread awareness and relief to the people of the world who really need it. They want to make the world a better place, one reader at a time. To aid in this, Jane is thrilled to be able to teach her skill of automatic writing to those who are interested. She’s hoping someone else’s life can be touched in the same way hers was when she stumbled upon this phenomenon. She is ready to teach, to share and to enlighten any soul willing to break out of their comfort zone and discover their inner psychic powers.

By: Stephanie Barker

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