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UFO's and Alien Encounters - and the Occult similarities

Robert Benjamin

UFO's have been recorded as having visited the Earth since ancient
times, to present, with more and more encounters with these crafts as
well as the occupants reported every day from around the world. Some of
the ancient reports include: "Readings of the papyrus annals of Pharaoh
Thutmoss III (1600 BC) mentions circles of fire in the sky. Hindu
literature (1000 yrs. before Christ) and Tibetan books contain
references to disk like objects with exceptional maneuverability.
Reports from Roman historians (3rd & 4th Century) make references
to "fiery shields" and "phantom ships" that swept across the sky.
Christopher Columbus reported a glimmering light moving up and down in
the sky."

The facts about UFO and Alien encounters and the Occult similarities:

UFO's and Alien contact experiences usually take place at night: This
is true as well of supernatural occultic experiences such as
visitations by spirit guides, astral travel (out-of-body travel), and
seeing ghosts. In the Bible, night represents the darkness of sin and
the disguise for those who intend evil: "Have nothing to do with the
fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them" (Eph. 5:11). Jesus
said, "Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into
the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed" (John 3:20). Jesus
was betrayed at night: "As soon as Judas had taken the bread, he went
out. And it was night" (John 13:30).

2. Astral travel: Alien
abductees often sense a vibration or hear a "buzzing or humming sound"
before feeling pulled towards the UFO. I myself have had out-of-body
experiences, and I have had the same experience with a vibration and
sometimes a strong humming noise immediately preceding the sensation of
being sucked out of the body.

3. Ghostly appearance: The aliens
are often described as "luminous" or "transparent", and the feet are
either covered or faded out. This is similar to the universal
description of ghosts. Why should aliens be transparent if they are
real? Why are they so ghostlike? Just as ghosts are undoubtedly demonic
spirits called 'familiars', so are these aliens. The Bible forbids
contact with departed spirits (ghosts), as it knows what these
creatures really are. It cannot be coincidental that descriptions of
aliens are so similar to that of ghosts.

4. Telepathy and
possession: Alien Abductees report that the aliens have large black
compelling eyes and that they are afraid if they look into these eyes,
they will lose their will or "sense of self". After encountering these
beings there is often a loss of time, where the abductees or person
having the encounter has no recollection of what happened during this
time, often they are left feeling mentally exhausted and very
frightened. This sounds exactly like demonic possession.

A group
of New Age witches in Atlanta in the late 1980's reported they had
become involved in contacting what they believed were friendly aliens.
The leader of this group said the aliens spaceships could not be seen,
but that his group was in telepathic contact with the aliens. John
reported later that the aliens had become unfriendly and were now
trying to possess the bodies of those in his group. John was genuinely
afraid, so afraid that he and several people in his group were leaving
the area. This incident supported by the Bible validates possession,
and also leads me to believe that the abductees are encountering fallen
angels and demons.

Just like in the earlier reported cases of
Hauntings, where we often have a Fallen Angel working hand-in-hand with
demons, we have the same thing in UFO or Alien Abduction cases. In
numerous alien abduction reports, the abductees often report of seeing
a leader or main ruling being that seems to control the commonly called
'Greys', the vessels or temporary bodies of the demonic spirits.
Sometimes this leading creature stands back, or is more hidden then the
other lesser beings, it often looks like a praying mantis, reptilian,
or even a larger grey, and at other times this being looks like a
normal human dressed in a military uniform or a tall, blonde haired,
blue eyed being often nicknamed a Nordic. Remember these fallen angels
can easily manifest into whatever shape or form they choose.
is a website that has information on angels, fallen angels, ufos,
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By Robert W. Benjamin

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