Monday, June 29, 2009

Unidentified Flying Objects - Are They Real?

By John Michael White

I notice many sightings all over the world in different places but it seems that the U.S.A. has a greater amount of sightings than anywhere else, especially through the Eastern and western states of America. I find myself asking the question, Why, and how can this be? Is there more to this than meets the eye.

Are these sightings that people see, really unidentified flying objects, or are they secret military aircraft of the future that America are designing and creating and experimenting with or something more mysterious. Maybe, maybe not. But it is food for thought.

Far back as I can remember since I was a young boy I have dreamed of truly experiencing and watching a UFO in the skies above me. But alas I have never had that opportunity, how sad, especially when I believe that they do exist. But I am also aware that not all sightings are true, that many of them are a hoax, which I find absolutely silly towards the people that obviously enjoy creating them. Why would they do such a thing, is it for power, control, fame, creating fear amongst us, or just for there childish fun. Who knows how they think or why they do these things, but it annoys me though, and a lot of other believers too I expect.

Getting back to sightings, now for instance at slightly different times on the same day in 2009 this year there were sightings in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia, isn't that interesting. through different sources I have gathered, there is supposedly a secret base in Georgia where there is a test site for plasma and anti-gravity aircraft, experimental crafts and weapons, so these sightings in particular, were they unidentified flying objects or were they experimental craft.

More than likely the latter would suspect. But you need to use your own imagination to realize that many sightings in different states are probably not unidentified flying objects but secret experimental aircraft or similar. There are many supposedly secret underground military bases and aircraft bases that are experimenting with aircraft and other devices.

In Kokomo, Indiana people in that area have reported a 'hum' that has been so constant an annoying that has forced them to move away, it has also made many people sick. Reports indicate that it is coming from underground although nothing substantial has been proven, but it has been suggested that there is massive underground tunneling and excavating going on to use as underground containment and storage facilities.

There are many so called secret bases all over America which relate to unidentified flying objects, Dayton, Ohio has an air force repository, rumored to house alien craft and remains, stealth technology and pro-type craft. An air force base near Reno suspected UFO base with at least seven underground levels. There are to many more to mention in this article, but remember this the next time you see an unidentified flying object, especially anywhere in the states, step back and realize, that maybe, it could be something else, that is being kept secret from us, for reasons that only they know. We all remember something of Area 51 well at the time they insisted that it was all in our imagination, until Russian satellite photographs found there way into US sources, now it almost common knowledge.

So how many unidentified flying objects are there really. No one can say, but I suspect that it would be a very small percentage that are what we call alien air craft.

The rest is up to you to decide.

My name is John White and I find pleasure in writing articles and hope that in some way they are helpful and useful and that you enjoy taking the time to read them.
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