Thursday, June 4, 2009

What is a Green Witch and How Do You Become One?

By Alison Yates

We've all heard of White Magic and White Witches. But
what is a Green Witch? No, not the green faced, cackling, warty-nosed
hag of Hollywood fame but a real Green Witch.

A Green Witch is
simply a practitioner of natural magic. Green Witches use nature's
gifts of flowers, plants and herbs for medicinal and magical purpose.
They make brews and potions and perform magical rituals and spells for
the benefit of themselves and others - with harm to none.

even Witches like being green. Becoming "green" has become increasingly
important as our planet is in such peril. The ways in which mankind has
polluted, exploited and destroyed many aspects of nature, the oceans
and the earth, needs to be addressed on both an individual and global

The environmental impact we have made collectively and
individually raises ethical questions of respect and responsibility to
all life. More and more people are also rejecting consumerism and
personal excess, eating organic foods, taking the holistic view to
their own health and accepting personal responsibility. Becoming a
Green Witch is just one step beyond being "green."

Using the
gifts of Mother Nature ethically and the powerful energies of the Sun
and the Moon, Witches have been very environmentally aware in the ways
they lived their lives and in their practice of Witchcraft. They have
always known how to harness the power of the elements and acknowledge,
respect and celebrate the cyclical nature of life.

Being a Green
Witch may seem to be a new age concept, but traditionally Witches have
always respected and honoured nature. Being attuned to nature and
treating the Earth gently has always come naturally to the Witch.

There is nothing new in being a Green Witch; it is just now that more attention has been turned to this lifestyle choice.

To become a Green Witch join the Green Witches Coven, go to:

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