Sunday, June 7, 2009

Why the Police Use Psychics

By Jeffry Palmer

Many law enforcement personnel develop a heightened
intuitive capability.This is what instructors within the FBI's
Behavioral Science Unit call intuitive policing. There are countless
documented instances when police officers tune into danger signals even
before they are consciously aware of them. There are also numerous
cases of police following hunches which lead to important arrests. One
example that stands out in my mind is that of the State Trooper who
while patrolling the New Jersey Turnpike stopped a car on route to New
York City. His reason for stopping the car was that "something just
didn't feel right."

He pulled the car over when the driving
became erratic. After questioning the driver, this officer's intuition
was further stimulated and a search was made of the car. This resulted
in the discovery of several hundred pounds of explosives concealed in
the trunk. A potential terrorist attack avoided thanks to the
remarkable intuition of one man.

Police better understand the
importance of following intuition perhaps better than any other group
of people. I have made the argument in the past that intuitive
abilities are diminishing among the general public now that the
survival of the race is not reliant on them. Within the police force
the opposite is true, survival can and does still partly rely on an
officer's intuitive abilities.

It should surprise no one that
police departments occasionally utilize the services of psychics or
intuitive advisors. The members of the police force recognize the
importance and usefulness of intuitive insights since they rely on them
in many occasions for their own safety. Police often reach dead ends in
investigations. Even with all of the technological and scientific
advances of the last century less than half of all murder
investigations within the US resulted in an arrest. These percentages
fall even greater for other crimes, for instance burglary and car theft
cases were only cleared or resulted in arrests around 17% of the time.

a common misconception that police departments have unlimited resources
and time to investigate crimes. The truth is that many law enforcement
agencies are understaffed and overworked. Many crimes go unsolved
simply for a lack of evidence or witnesses. Intuitive advisors can and
do help police departments investigate difficult crimes. In many cases
psychic are consulted to help validate or invalidate the intuitive
impressions of the investigators themselves. In other cases the
investigators simply have little information to go on and consult a
psychic in order to attempt to generate leads and directions of inquiry.

typical scenario involves an investigator offering the intuitive an
overview of the case without providing details that have been kept from
the public. The investigator purposely leaves out confidential
information in order to provide a method for determining if the psychic
is on the right track. The thinking is usually, if the psychic can tune
into one or two of these details then perhaps other information that
she or he provides will be on target.

Police departments around
the world utilize the services of psychics and intuitives simply
because the police themselves have learned to relay on intuitive
abilities. They have learned to trust instinct and intuition both for
reasons of self preservation and for offering insights into criminal
cases which lack physical evidence or eyewitness accounts.

Jeffry R. Palmer is an Australian Psychic, author and researcher who offers psychic readings by email from his website Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

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