Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 3 Important Facts About the 2012 Theory - Will We All Die?

By Tom X. Om

What does the 2012 theory tell us? As far as you
know, a theory always remains a theory unlike an event plays out in our
reality experience. Same it goes with the 2012 theory.

It is
crucial to mention that many different groups and people discuss the
theories about the 2012 event in a controversial and mostly fearful
manner. Also different approaches and preparations to the 2012 theory
are applied.

The most common basic view is the Mayan calendar,
which is an extremely precise cosmological measurement of cycles and
events. Much has been written about the background of the Mayan
culture, and also the controversial interpretation of this event. Most
New age groups have with the Maya culture in common, that they see this
event as a galactic event, which brings in a shift of energy. This
shift is a continuously rising vibration level of all life, which
brings in several consequences for life itself and the human beings.

importantly, this shift will create a situation for everybody, to take
a closer look to his life and the spiritual approach to life in
general. This is not only a philosophical view, rather a view on the
personal growth and about the truth of life in general.

There are
many predictions that we will die due to a cosmic catastrophe, tsunami,
pole shift and other extraordinary events hitting the planet on
December 12, 2012. From the scientific point of view there is nothing
to fear, but the bible for example places in 'the end of times'.

So what is right and what is wrong?

Here are the 3 important facts about the 2012 theory:

2012 is not a "prophecy" it is a prediction. The Maya were cosmologists
who created extremely advanced calendars by the scientific observation
of the great cycles of the Universe relative to planet Earth.

Consciousness and indeed life itself evolves in cycles - there is
increasing evidence in the fossil record to support the fact that life
evolves in cycles.

3. Whatever happens is therefore all a part of
the grand scheme of things and part of the great cycles of the Universe
necessary for the evolution of life and consciousness.

To put
things into perspective, we must always keep in Mind one fundamental
truth - we all create our own reality with the power of our Minds.
Whatever we believe will happen in our thoughts, imagination and
emotions will happen, every time. It is therefore very important that
we maintain absolute control over our thought processes and
expectations, not only because of the approaching end of the age, and
the 2012 theory, but also in creating our day to day reality and a life
of health, happiness and abundance.

So whatever will happen in
2012 is a product of the mass consciousness approach to the 2012
theory. So you better keep in mind - If the Creator is for us who can
be against us? Choose life!

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