Thursday, July 30, 2009

How Do I Know If I Have Psychic Abilities?

By Rebecca Bennett

Our bodies and our minds are bombarded with images,
thoughts, perceptions, and feelings every second. Most of us have
learned to tune out what doesn't immediately concern us, but some lucky
few of us have noticed something a little different. It seems that we
have some sort of ability to perceive things that other people may not
be conscious of, or maybe to predict things before they happen. So how
do I know if I have psychic abilities?

It can be hard at first to
determine whether the psychic phenomena you've experienced are due to
just freak coincide, or whether they are something more. The only way
is to work on channeling your extrasensory perception. Try to tune
yourself into those little thoughts and feelings that are triggered
somewhere at the back of your mind.

If something is tugging at
the back of your mind but you don't know quite what it is, don't
dismiss it - go somewhere quiet where you can relax and focus on the
feeling. Concentrate and try to see if you can't identify the feeling.
If you can't do so in words, try to describe the feeling with images,
colors, feelings, and so on. It may help you to understand what is
going on in your mind.

Contrary to popular belief, psychic
abilities are not black and white. Whether you are psychic or not is
not a yes or no question. It is more like a continuum, with people
falling all along the spectrum. Some may have slight extrasensory
abilities and not even be aware of it, while others may be more certain
that they possess some extrasensory perception power.

instance, most people possess some degree of the ability to read social
cues. They can tell from body language or the mood of a person or place
what is going on. Before anyone says anything, they can feel out the
situation and form conclusions about it. That is an example of everyday
extrasensory perception at work.

It's important to hone that
ability, since almost everyone is familiar with it. Try to pay special
attention to people when you are just meeting them. What can you
instantly tell about them before they say anything? What can you tell
about their personality, their family life, their mood, and their
motivation in life? Pay attention to the "aura" of people and things
around you. After you learn to pay more attention to the area of your
brain that picks up this information, you'll discover that you're
receiving even more psychic messages than you originally suspected.

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