Thursday, July 16, 2009

How to Pick a Psychic Consultant You Can Trust - 2 Quick Tips For Getting a Great Online Reading

By Danny Fredricks

Who else is looking to pick a genuine psychic
consultant you can really trust? If you are anything like most of the
people who are reading our articles and commenting on our content, the
simple truth is that the biggest obstacle you BELIEVE you face when
choosing an online psychic consultant is making the right choice.

getting ripped off. And simply getting a great, life affirming and
personal transformative experience with a psychic or intuitive who
blows your mind, right? Let's take a quick look at the very best way of
making that possible below!

Common Question #1:
Okay.....but can I hire any network at all when choosing a psychic
consultant...or do I need to do tons of research first?

It's a fine line and a delicate balance. Some people we know will spend
days, weeks or even months trying to pick the "perfect" intuitive
consultant, only to find themselves disappointed and dismayed after the
fact due to a bad choice. Other people will just jump right in and pay
NO mind at all to the simple things you CAN do ahead of time to "weed
out" the premium readers from the telephone "operator" types, and also
find themselves disappointed. The key? Read articles like this one,
read real reviews of the networks you ARE interested in before you sign
up, and simply start "small" by setting a low budget for your very
first reading always! ( 10 or 20 dollars or less is more than enough)

Common Question #2: Do all psychic consultants have the same skill set, specialty or training?

absolutely not again. Why? Some psychics are genuinely "gifted" from
birth with deeper level of understanding and intuition than any of us
could glean from practice, others are intuitive and have simply
mastered a "craft" or trade for channeling that skill ( live Tarot Card
reading for example) and yet others still are just winging it
completely and guessing..:-) The key when picking a psychic consultant
is choosing from between the first 2 groups ( and not the ones that are
simply fishing for answers) and you'll find yourself not only super
impressed, but super happy with the direction your life will take as a

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