Monday, July 6, 2009

Orbs - What Or Who Are They?

By Nicole Lanning

Orbs are very common and a lot of people see them, especially showing up on photographs!

are different causes for them, but the one thing that is common about
them is that they are all energy. Everything is comprised of energy.
All forms of Spirit, all emotions, thoughts, feelings, and even
physical material things are all energy. There are different degrees of
variance that make them all up, but they are all energy based!

these "blobs" of energy, particularly the ones we see closest to us,
are manifestations of our own energy. Particularly when one is
experiencing a strong emotion, that person may emit a ball of energy,
or a thought form.

Other times we will witness "paranormal"
activity or spirit energy in the form of an orb or ball of light.
Sometimes the light has color to it, and reflects the type of thoughts
or emotions in that energy.

Mediums will often see or feel the
energy of one who has crossed. Many times we experience these
visitations ourselves and can pick up on the energy pattern of the soul
who is contacting us.

Sometimes we can also witness balls of
energy around various shifts in energy. Some people may see strange
lights or wisps or orbs before a thunderstorm, or when there are solar

Again it is the witnessing of energy patterns. All things
emit energy, our thoughts are powerful, and many people don't realize
just how so, because we are not taught how our thoughts or emotions
effect our reality in our physical realm.

Orbs are just one form
of energy that happens to get a lot of publicity lately, especially
being captured in photographs! These are emotions, thought forms, or
perhaps Spirit forms traveling around us. They are not to be feared in
anyway! Respect their energy and they will respect yours in turn!

we become more sensitive psychically and spiritually we tend to become
more sensitive to all types of energy and may witness these energy
patterns in a variety of different forms.

I hope this helps everyone on their spiritual and physical pathway through this lifetime, and feel free to visit us at for more exciting and new information!

Many Blessings
Nicole Lanning

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