Sunday, July 26, 2009

Spells, Magic and Witchcraft - Why Do We Turn to These Methods and Do They Work?

By Angelica Galanz

Magic does exist and is more powerful today than ever
before. Magic changes with the ages, spells become more potent and can
turn around any situation without a doubt.

I have practiced magic
for most of my life. It was something I grew up with in my family and
it wasn't something strange at all. Magic was the core of my family and
gave us a solid security where no others could interfere. We
experienced a strong bond of love and spiritual happiness no matter
what happened.

Today people struggle to live with the stresses of
work, money and relationships. People trying to destroy others and for
what? The end result is destruction and unhappiness. Mindset has become
the real root of all problems. If you could change your mindset so many
things could change. No one believes in themselves anymore as they are
too worried about how to survive in our complicated world.

If you
can remember what you were told as a child and remember the magical
stories you can start to believe that there are other elements in the
world that can help you. These were not just stories but half truths
that gave us an idea that magic did exist and definitely still exists.

turn to magic as a last resort when all is lost. We hope we can salvage
something that we can cling on to. Hope is the last thing to leave us
when is despair and in my view it's a real safety net. If you turn to a
good spell caster they will teach you how to channel good energy and
open channels so that magic can enter you. If you are desperate you
will believe and spells will work. Hundreds of people have been helped
with magic but I bet they have never revealed their source to happiness.

fear magic and believe in it. It doesn't have to be a last resort it
can work for you when you need it. You can use magic to mold your life,
get the things you desire and live life to the full.

The energies
in the universe are used for magical purposes. Precious stones are all
used for magic and hold a lot of magical qualities. The most important
and powerful element to magic is our thoughts. If used correctly there
is nothing one can't achieve. All this combined with spells provide
remedies, answers and abundance.

Never look down on magic and
spells as they work around us all the time. Never do harm to another
when using magic as it will come back to you triple fold.

Angelica Galanz
Whitewitchspells, Spells Magic and More...

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