Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tips to Mastering Astral Projection

By Trevor Johnson

Mastering astral projection doesn't have to be
complicated. Remember that it is innate in the human nature to have the
capacity to reach the level of the subconscious and charge the etheric
bodies with energy while in a deep sleep.

With just a few steps
to follow, you can be able to take advantage of your chakras and learn
to channel them the right way. Here are powerful tips to mastering
astral projection:

- Nourish your body to achieve balance. Make
sure that you have the proper diet and enough exercise to go along with
your mental readiness. Religiously follow a proper system of dieting
that will make your physical body healthy enough, making sure that you
address imbalances. Also note that stress and tension hinders astral
projection. So make sure that you apply regular relaxation techniques
such as breathing exercises, or even just simple leisure walks.

Triumph over fear by gearing yourself with proper knowledge. Saturate
yourself with new learning about what you are about to go into. Since
you are dealing with yourself here, you will have to be the one who
knows best what you are doing. To enable confidence, seek proper advice
and research about the topic. Some people are held down by the fear of
the unknown. Just as with any endeavor, successful astral projection
may be hindered by the participant's fear and hesitance to open one's
self to spiritual possibilities. Be ready enough by doing proper
research and opening your mind to suggestions. Know about aids to
enable deep and speed meditation such as binaural beats and other

- Practice as much as you can. Some people may be
disappointed during their first try. But did you know that no one has
ever achieved successful astral projection in just a flick of a wand.
It takes patience and further application before you can even find
yourself in the voyage you have long waited to have. Put extra effort
and don't ever give up on your first try.

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