Monday, July 20, 2009

The Tug-of-War of UFO Disclosure

By R. R. Stark

Why does the US government continue to conceal the
truth about UFOs and ETs? Is it truly ignorant of the UFO presence
above and on the Earth? Or has it been keeping watch of the UFO
phenomenon because it believes the public is not ready to know the
truth? Why is it proliferating disinformation instead of real information? Why won't our own government disclose the truth? Does it not trust us? Obviously not.

appears that there or at least 16 different American intelligence
agencies. Can we be expected to believe that none of them are involved
in collecting and evaluating data about flying saucers? Wouldn't the
FBI be hearing things? They certainly had files on UFO organizations,
rock stars, and so on?" (Stanton Friedman, Flying Saucers and Science)

anything, these intelligence agencies are involved in concealment of
whatever information they have collected. But they can't conceal
everything. They can't control the individuals who have experienced
sightings or abductions or any kind of alien contact. They can try to
silence them, which they have attempted over the years. But the truth
always gets out. The reality always prevails, although not always in
full. There will always be the deceitful circulation of disinformation
and propaganda. So what we've got here is a failure of full disclose.
What we've got is an ongoing tug-o-war between "we the people" and
Uncle Sam.

Although the government still endeavors to instigate
concealment, a large percentage of the truth has been disclosed
already. But not by our government. The truth has been disclosed by UFO
and alien sighters and abductees for the most part. Many individuals
have had close encounters of the third and fourth kind. They have
either seen evidence of extraterrestrials up close or have been
abducted by them. Distant sightings of UFOs that may be flying hubcaps
and so forth naturally are discounted.

Approximately 50% of the
American population believes in UFOs and ETs. The other 50% either
doesn't want to know or just doesn't believe. Many people know the
truth is out, but it's just not in the mainstream yet. You don't hear
about it in the News, not in the conventional newspapers, TV, or radio.
But you will hear about it in the tabloids, underground magazines, web
sites, late-night talk shows (like Coast to Coast AM), and so forth.
Plus scads of books have been written on the subject, usually by
researchers and investigators and eyewitnesses.

The government is
ignoring all of us who knows the cat is out of the bag. They discredit
all those who know the truth. There are too many eyewitnesses of UFO's
and ETs, and countless researchers and investigators have been
reporting these findings. The UFO community is large and growing, but
the US government denies them any credibility and shames them for what
they know. The government would rather foist them off as hoaxers and
liars, or just delusional.

Perhaps a large percentage of UFO
sightings are indeed hoaxes. Anybody can spray paint a Frisbee silver,
throw it up into the sky and take a snapshot of it. And anybody can
tell a grim tale that they were abducted by aliens. But many of the
actual abductees have proof in or on their bodies, such as implants or
various markings on their skin, and psychological scars, and so forth.
But as usual, the debunkers are ready to debunk them all.

Friedman explains, "Still, there are noisy negativists who still insist
there is no cover-up." In other words, people who blindly spout no real
government cover-up exists, that we're imagining such conspiracies,
have got their heads in the sand. They're flat-out in denial. All I can
say is, let's open our eyes, so we can see what's out there. The truth
is out there!

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