Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Universal Law of Attraction: Belief Brings Results

Author: Marilyn Schwader

The Law of Attraction works whether we are aware of it or not, and no matter what energy we are generating --- good or bad. Just like gravity, we don't have to think about it, but it unerringly works without fail.

Long before I heard the buzz of The Secret and The Law of Attraction, I had an experience that clearly brought about my desired result by attracting it into my life.

Almost 20 years ago my goal was to break the $100,000 barrier for the first time. I had never earned more than 50% of that, but I knew it was "The Year!"

I believed with every fiber of my being that $100K (which seemed like an enormous amount at that time) was a foregone conclusion. Even though it is almost two decades ago, I have a distinct memory of my condo, which overlooked Lake Michigan to the East and Grant Park and the Chicago Yacht Club to the South, and the caliber of people who lived there. As I stepped into the high-rise elevator full of people on their way to work, I confidently turned toward the door saying to myself, "None of you know it, but I make $100,000 a year!"

Truly, I earned $100,000 in my mind well before the money was in the bank. I acted, thought, and even walked like a 100K person would act, think, and move. I earned the money emotionally before I ever manifested it physically.

When we watch the Olympics, the winners have the same experience. In their mind they experienced the medal placed around their neck as the anthem played many times before they experienced it in the spotlight.

Why is this such a powerful Universal Law? We send out vibrations to the Universe that are matched and then returned to us. I was sending out the clear vibe that was specific and without question or doubt. Had I been sending a vibration of desire laced with hope and possibilities, manifesting my goal would have also been iffy. It is the true vibration that is matched. Belief brings results. Doubt brings results. Being totally aware of the vibration we are feeling lets us know what we will bring into our life.

Twenty years later, my goals, dreams and aspirations have changed dramatically. Now I am emotionally acting, thinking and walking as a person who earns $100,000 a month! When I experience this emotionally with belief and conviction, I know it will manifest, without question, in my life.

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Jacob said...

The Law of Attraction isn't something you can master right away, and does require practice. Just keep in mind to be epositive always.