Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Werewolf's Transformation

By Jim Slate

The werewolf is a fascinating creature in human
literature. It is the imaginative link between the raw, natural, animal
world, and the modern civilized human. The werewolf is a sort of
symbolic representation of the primal being that still exists, to some
extent, in all of us. However in this case that inner nature gets out,
and the person takes on the form of their hidden primal self.

nature of the werewolf's transformation is one which is defined by the
type of creature they are. There are many different stories and myths
pertaining to the werewolf. Ancient claims have them as humans
possessed by demons, or animal spirits. In more modern tales they are
also the result of genetic manipulation, disease, or chemical induction.

change itself is an issue that has been difficult for writers, and
especially for makers of movies. There is no real way to show a person
completely changing into something else without it looking like a fake.
Just morphing looks cartoonish, and having the person simply grow tufts
of hair is usually inadequate for the effect.

Some modern stories
tell of a person growing into the werewolf form. This can be through
muscles suddenly bulging, hair popping out, teeth growing, and the
like. In general this is the easiest and most believable way to
demonstrate the change.

Another method has the person becoming
transfigured in a relatively gruesome way. In this method the body
grows out of itself, but it is much more dramatic and violent, and
makes for a better horror story.

The werewolf is a powerful
symbol of the primal instinct that is within us all. By seeking to
understand its nature in literature and movies, we can better come to
understand our own nature, and the soul of human beings.

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