Monday, July 13, 2009

What Goes on During a Ghost Hunt?

By Nik Levesque

Have you ever wondered what exactly goes on during an
intense ghost hunt? Do you think that you would be scared of the
unknown if you were going to join in on the fun of hunting for the

There are many ghost hunting teams that are happy to
take you along with them if you ask. Many will go way out of their way
to show and teach you what they know about the paranormal. And who
knows, you may just see a ghost or two during your hunt.

first thing that happens when you start a journey in hunting for ghosts
is that you will get your gear ready to go. You'll get together your
emf equipment, recorders, video cameras and all the other technical and
non technical equipment and pack it up to go to the location. You will
find that there are a lot things that you will need to bring along.

you arrive on the site, the ghost hunting team will interview the
owners of the place if there are owners (sometimes places are
abandoned). Getting information on the area will help a lot in the hunt
that is to get underway.

The team will then usually get their
equipment set up and get ready for a long and interesting night of
searching out the paranormal. Usually, if there is a house involved,
this means that people will hang out in each of the rooms possibly
speaking out to potential paranormal beings in the hopes for some kind
of answer. Sometimes, pictures will also be taken of the area to see if
anything comes from the developed picture that the eye did not see.

you are interested in ghost hunting and maybe joining a team some
night, check out your area to see if there are teams close to you. They
can be just a short call away to get a hold of and you will find that a
lot of them will be very happy to let you tag along.

Look at getting into the paranormal and learn how to hunt ghosts.

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