Sunday, July 26, 2009

Why Study Astrology?

By Al Falaq Arsendatama

Some say astrology is an art, others call it a sacred
science. But first of all, astrology is a language. It is a world of
symbols that make it possible to see and talk about all sorts of subtle
characteristics in the personality.

When it comes to
understanding yourself and others, astrology can bring surprising
insights. Looking at someone's astrological chart, a number of
attitudes and motivations look completely different. Deeper meaning
shows through all sorts of mundane features.

For example, suppose
you have a friend who is fastidiously tidy, to the point of obsession.
You might be impressed, or perhaps irritated. Put on your astrologer's
hat and you will see a beautiful illustration of the Saturn planetary
force. With someone who loves to chat on endlessly about people and who
said what to whom - instead of being bored, you will see the planetary
force of the Moon at play.

Self discovery

it is a symbolic language, astrology is a powerful tool for self
discovery. When you study astrology, you spend a lot of time looking at
your own chart, in every single possible modality and drawing type you
can find. Every new drawing of your astrological chart is another
mirror into yourself, and the opportunity to gain insight into a
particular facet of yourself.

Having immersed yourself in this
study of your own chart, you are almost certain to change some of the
views you hold about your essential nature. You find new perspectives
on reasons for many of your past choices, actions and attitudes.
Through the chart, new aspects of yourself are highlighted, and
powerful keys for self-transformation work are revealed.

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