Thursday, August 6, 2009

Astral Projection Meditation - When This World is Not Enough, Or Perhaps Too Much?

By Jonathan Roach

We all live now in a busy world full of noise and
haste, our lives can be one long rush, between work and family
commitments without much time for pausing and taking stock on our
mental and physical well being. Life is much more demanding for us than
it was even for the previous generation. We and our children have
greater expectations of life, and our multimedia era shows us that
there is so much out there to enjoy and experience, but life is short
and we can only do so much. So many of my clients and customers
complain of stress and weariness caused by the heavy demands of their
lives, and they yearn for respite and the peace of mind that has eluded
them for so long.

Astral projection meditation is an amazing
relaxation technique that takes you to the places that you often go in
your dreams, but deep meditation enables you to do so as a conscious
experience.. Here you are whole, youthful, energetic, free and separate
from the constraints of you physical body and everyday life. This is
not magic, as I am sure you know that your mid can take you anywhere
you want to go. You can be relaxing in bed and your mind can be a
thousand miles away in a completely different environment, and
depending on your ability to relax and visualize, you can experience
perhaps the pleasure beauty and calmness of that environment, without
physically moving from your bed. Our minds are immensely powerful and
can take us anywhere we want to go. This is astral projection in a
nutshell, projecting your mind and spirit to a place of peace, freedom,
and wholeness without moving from you bed.

This exquisite
experience has only previously been achievable by meditation masters
after years of discipline, training and practice, but now with gentle
brain entrainment we can all reach these deep meditative states in a
fraction of the time. Most users succeed on their first attempt, and
are so encouraged and rejuvenated by their success that they continue,
and progressively reach stages of greater peace and calm that helps
them to feel better and better.

It is sad that people who attempt
the art of meditation become discouraged, because they find it so hard
to relax and quiet their minds and they give up after a short time, and
they never experience the profound health, spiritual, and life
enhancing benefits that come with years of practice. Thankfully we can
all succeed now and reap the benefits of deep meditation with the help
of gentle binaural beats recordings. The recordings give the user swift
and easy access to deeply relaxed meditative states that would
otherwise take years to achieve.

People are naturally skeptical,
as was I at first, but once they have experienced the ease of use and
pleasure of listening to the recordings, and they have accessed the
inner calm and the ability to manage their lives and the inherent
challenges so much more effectively successfully, there is no looking
back for most.

Life in essence is about learning, and we all have
to cope pain and many challenges on our journey through, and no doubt
we need to experience this, but now we also have access to a profound
peace and calmness that is truly out of this world, and will help you
all to live life to the full and experience the magic of your mind, and
our Universe.

Wishing you much peace and happiness.

Come with us to a place of Calm and spiritual bliss, and experience a level of peace that is not of this world...

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