Monday, August 3, 2009

The Ghost of Michael Jackson

By Billie Chainey

There is a video that was shown on the Larry King show on CNN recently where the camera crew was going through Neverland and they captured a ghostly image walking through a room. This video can now be seen on YouTube. You can see that it's definitely Michael Jackson. The first time I saw it I immediately heard Michael say, "I just wanted to take another look around before my spirit transcends completely from this planet. I have no intentions of spending eternity at Neverland." He will not be haunting Neverland. Often after a person has passed they will go back and visit places that had importance to them whether it's a house, job, or someplace that they enjoyed. They like to see what has happened since they left. He is going to be doing so much more in Spirit then he ever did on this planet. The spirit world is very active; we tend to forget that there is another dimension besides this third dimension. The spirit world is far busier than we are here, but with different priorities.

Already people are starting to see that they should change their lives and live showing more love and caring like Michael Jackson did. His death has cause people to think more about dying and what happens after you leave this planet. Many more people are turning to God because of his death. It's wonderful that he is able to help people start having a connection to God and His Spirit. He feels that this was one of his missions on this planet and he's very happy that he is able to help people turn to God. Realize we are energy and when we die we will just change form and become pure energy.

He has left his music and videos so that we will always be able to see him and enjoy his talent. But his work on the other side is going to be far more powerful than anything he ever did when he was alive. Right now he is just enjoying being on the other side and is not having to do anything in particular other than connecting with those he loved and those he admired. He spends a great deal of time right now dancing with Fred Astaire. For him this is a dream come true.

He will be going into a learning process shortly where he will be instructed on what he should be doing as a Spirit Guide. People, who in life achieve greatness such as he did, get to this level on earth because they are Chosen to help in a spectacular way. In other words we have not seen anything yet and the best is coming from Michael Jackson over the next few years.

I'm going to be writing more about what happens when we die. This will be based on my observations from being a Psychic Medium that channels spirits and what they have said to me about life on the other side. I know it's hard for people to believe, but this is what I feel is so marvelous about Michael Jackson. His passing is a loss for his family, but it's a great gain for the world because he's changing people's views about spirituality. His legacy will be great because he's transforming the world after passing.

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